Monday, January 12, 2015

Workout Challenge for the Week—you’re invited!

This week I am aiming to workout four days this week. It doesn’t matter what the workout is, as long as I complete a workout that lasts at least 10 minutes—it will count.

On Friday, I woke up early and hopped on the treadmill for a 1 mile walk. And embarrassingly enough, that was about all I could handle! I better start stepping it up if I want to participate in the annual Fourth of July 5K.

A friend of mine offered to be my workout accountability buddy this week. That will be a motivator to get moving.

As a challenge for those of you (like myself) who are struggling to get into their exercise groove, I’m inviting you to a challenge.

I will post when I have completed my workout on my Facebook page (even more accountability—eek!) and I’d love for anyone else who wants to be accountable to post on my Facebook page too. We can do this!


  • Workout four days this week. The workout week runs Monday through Sunday
  • Each workout must be at least 10 minutes long
  • Any workout will do—just get moving, lifting, stretching, cycling, etc.
  • Post on my Facebook page when you have completed a workout and let me know what you did. I’m hoping this will give me (and all of you) some workout ideas!

I will be true to my promise and post my workout today!


  1. Looks like a great plan. Looking forward to following your success!!

  2. I'm in! :) As you probably know, my goal is 4 days per week, too. I am really liking setting these ATTAINABLE goals!

  3. I'm in too! But I'm not on FB. So maybe I'll check in through two grand or a quick e mail after all 4 are complete! I need the accountability also! I don't think I have done much in the form of exercise since our Jillian Michaels spurt a while back:-/



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