Friday, February 20, 2015

February Date Night

It was hubby’s turn to plan our date night this month. He got lucky because my mom is spending a couple of days at our place and she was able to watch the baby, which meant we could actually leave the house for a date night as a couple.

I refer to my mom the baby whisperer—she is that good with babies. When we were getting ready to leave, baby girl started to whimper like she could sense what was going on, but other than that I don’t think she even noticed we were gone. My mom actually had her sound asleep by the time we got home. I asked my mom if she wanted to move in with us. lol

My mom snapped a quick family picture before we left.


I was excited to see what hubby had planned. He explained that his original plan of dinner and a movie at a local (and very inexpensive) theater had fallen through when he found out the movie was American Sniper. Violence in movies bothers me, and so we decided that it wasn’t a good time for me to see a movie like that.

So onto plan B—freestyle. We drove off into the sunset. Wait, that is supposed to happen at the end. But our date began at sunset, and it was pretty.


I kept trying to figure out where hubby was taking us to eat. I didn’t have any expectations, but I certainly wasn’t disappointed! We went to our favorite Japanese Steakhouse, which is a place we only go to on special occasions, and apparently date night because we went there back in October on our last date night. We go there every excuse we can find for a special occasion. lol

Hubby read the sushi menu to find something new to try.


I usually have one request—a crunchy roll. He likes to order a way too much sushi, but he eats it all! We shared all of it, but I didn’t eat the one on the left, too spicy for me.

IMG_1753 IMG_1754

The place is pricey, but you get a lot of food. The meal includes this amazingly delicious miso soup and a to-die-for salad with a ginger dressing.

IMG_1750 IMG_1752

I ordered the Hibachi Chicken and hubby ordered Steak and Scallops. I took one picture of the chef cooking and then put my phone away. However, the picture didn’t turn out well at all!

The chef was really funny and had a lot of jokes that were kind of politically incorrect, but he was making them about himself. It was that kind of humor where you didn’t know if you should laugh or not, but everyone did.

He asked everyone if they wanted vegetables and served them. When he got to me he said, “How about you, my quiet little friend? You’re making me nervous over here—are you from the health department?” LOL. It took me by surprise and I just laughed. I didn’t realize I was being quiet—I think that it’s because I am soft-spoken and maybe he saw me talking to hubby but couldn’t hear what I was saying. Too funny.

After all of the pre-dinner food—I only ate a few bites of my Hibachi Chicken, noodles, and fried rice. That makes hubby happy because then he gets to eat another meal of this delicious food at home. But I didn’t feel stuffed or anything—I feel like I ate just the right amount.

Which is good, because hubby took us for custard at Culver’s next. This is us in the drive through.


Next, hubby said we would go to Target and just look around. He wanted me to look at clothes. He knows how much I love to shop and how hard it is to do with a baby—I don’t really do it much anymore!

I’m not sure what was up with the Target sign since only half of the lights were working. Maybe because of the super cold weather she just wasn’t in the mood to be super. But I did chuckle to myself when I pronounced “Ta-get” and imagined our store was trying to have a Bostonian accent. Life would be so boring if I didn’t find myself so funny. hehe


We browsed the clothes, but I couldn’t find anything for the right price, etc. I guess I’m picky. We were in the store for probably 10 minutes and looked at each other and decided we were too tired and ready to go home. What exciting people we are. lol

I enjoyed the time away—just the two of us. Life is forever changed after a baby but it is good to know that I still have his warm hand to hold and that while marriage can be a challenge at times, our love has only grown and become deeper. He’s still my best friend.

I’ve already started planning our March date night—which I’m sure will be at home!


  1. This totally reminds me of a "date night" with my hubby....we tend to go out early and get home early (and since he knows the way to my heart is always ice cream HE sometimes suggests the DQ drive thru for dessert...HA!)

    Glad you got out guys look great!

    1. LOL My husband wanted DQ for our last date night dessert. He loves that place!

  2. There used to be a Hibachi place in Knoxville when I worked there. SO GOOD. I haven't had it since then - 16 years ago! It's funny. Once kids come alone, spending ANY alone time with your spouse is so special. I know ours, being older, seem to ALWAYS be around since there are 4 of them. I get so frustrated sometimes, feeling that we can never talk without listening ears. I love just to be alone in the van with him or walking through a store showing him things w/o interruption. It's the little things that begin to matter. :)

  3. Sounds a lovely night and I love the first picture of you both with your little one ......

    All the best Jan

  4. What a nice date! That' so sweet that he took you shopping. Too bad you didn't find anything though.
    Now I want sushi.

  5. Sounds like the perfect date!! Love the pictures!! Your baby is just beautiful and you guys are adorable :)

  6. Sounds like the perfect date!! Love the pictures!! Your baby is just beautiful and you guys are adorable :)

  7. I like that you two alternate who plans date night! I'm newly married so we haven't set up any plans like that yet! I'm sure in a year or two haha!

  8. Beautiful family. I'm glad you two were able to have a stress free evening. I have come to like sushi, a big surprise to me!



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