Friday, February 6, 2015

Fitness items I want: Fitbit, Athletic Socks, Plus Size Workout Apparel, Bondi Band, and New Music

Since we’re living on a stricter budget these days, I am not buying what I want shortly after I decide that I want it. With a baby in the picture and the loss of a second income, those days are probably gone for a long time! That’s not really a bad thing—there’s something satisfying about planning and getting your act together when it comes to budgeting.

But I have been dreaming about a few fitness items that I want and/or need. I’m also doing a little more research before purchases now to make sure I am getting a product that I will love and will last a long time. I’d love your input on any of these items!

  1. Fitbit

A few years ago, I had a Fitbit and I lost it at work one day. I was pretty bummed about it. But you guys, the Fitbits that are on the market today are way cooler than what I had back then!

I’m not sure which model I want. At $99.95, the Fitbit Flex is the less expensive option and it would probably meet my current needs.

But I plan to get back to previous fitness levels which included running longer distances and paying attention to my heart rate (I just love data), and so the Fitbit Charge HR would probably meet all of those needs but it costs $149.95.

Fitbit Charge HR™ Wireless Heart Rate + Activity Wristband

But I also like my Garmin GPS watch because I know exactly how far I have gone when exercising outside. For that reason, I most want the Fitbit Surge because it has GPS, heart rate monitoring and is the whole kit and caboodle (and remember how much I love numbers and data). But it’s $249.95 and that’s pretty steep for someone who hasn’t gotten her act together yet! On another note, this would eliminate my need for my Garmin GPS and my HR monitor and so I could sell each of those to reduce the cost.

You can get Free shipping with orders over $50 at! (affiliate link)

So many options! Do you have a Fitbit? Which one? What are your thoughts?

  1. Athletic Socks

This one is a lot more affordable but also more immediate—I am down to just a few pairs of socks.

I have a few requirements for socks: 1) they must come above my ankle. Socks that slide down are the WORST! 2) they must be made of a fabric that doesn’t rub my skin the wrong way and contribute to soreness and blisters. 3) they must keep my feet dry and cool because nobody likes hot and stinky feet!

And for this one, I’d love your suggestions because I don’t really know where to start.

  1. Workout Apparel

My yoga pants have become so tight that I do not wear them in public unless I am feeling no sense of shame or am too tired to care anymore (wait that doesn’t happen to me…nope not to me…).

I need some workout clothes designed for the plus sized woman. My curves are extra curvy right now and I need some workout apparel that flatters me.

I have been working out in old cotton t-shirts (literally there are holes in the armpits) and my overly tight yoga pants.

Did you know Athleta has a Plus Size section? They sure do. Anyone tried their product? I especially like this extra long Chi tank.

I usually buy my workout clothes from Old Navy, but I think I will have to order online from the Plus section if I go that route.

All of my “plus size” women out there, where do you buy your workout clothes? Do you have a piece that you especially love?

  1. Fitness Headbands

Confession: my need for this is two fold: 1) hard core workouts (OF COURSE) and 2) mostly so I can hide what a hot mess I look like before I have time to shower. Seriously, I need to hide my hair.

A lot of headbands don’t work for me. I tell myself that my head is so huge because I have such a big brain to hold my smarts. ha. But really, I’m plagued with an oddly shaped bowling ball head and so headbands need to be just right.

I’d love to try a Bondi Band. They look like they would cover my crazy hair and stay on my large head. I’m in love with the white dots on pink one:

Do you have a favorite workout headband? What brand?

  1. New Music from iTunes

My workout playlist is filled with songs from a few years ago. I’d love to add Katy Perry’s “Roar”. I’d like to compile a playlist of upbeat songs like this to get me moving!

What songs are on your workout playlist?


  1. Ahh! I'm so with you on this! I totally want a FitBit Charge HR to replace my FitBit One and Polar FT4 heart rate monitor. I too can't afford this as I'm now self-employed, wedding planning and trying to conceive all at once.

  2. Sweaty Bands are a must if you have thick hair - they are definitely no slip! Moving Comfort sports bra are worth every penny & excellent support. I'm probably one of the few that loves working out to praise & wor ship music - "God's Not Dead - He's Surely Alive"

  3. My thoughts on socks are any type of compression. I have tried ProCompression because they are talked about on some other blogs I read....I really like the ankle cut ~ they stay in place ~ my foot doesn't get overly sweaty and they just work!

    My current fav. song is Geronimo by Shepard. I don't know much about the Fitbit...on longer journeys I like my Garmin or I just go with out and most of my workout clothes are Target, TJ Maxx or Marshals....I'm kind of cheap that way.

  4. My favorite brand of workout socks are Balega :) Pricy, but worth it. AND sometimes (I have twice) you can find them at TJ MAXX.
    You will probably get tired of me advocating for public libraries, but check out your library for music. We are involved with a program call Freegal that allows our library patrons to download three songs per week from the Sony music collection for free!

  5. TJ MAXX Or Marshalls has the best socks, try the PUMA brand, they are my favorite and I convert people all the time. I got a fitbit for Christmas, The Charge, it meets all my needs and for some reason keeps me motivated to get my steps in. Good luck :)

  6. I shop TJ MAXX and get the PUMA brand socks as well. They cling to your arches and feel so good! I have a fitbit zip that just syncs steps and calories burned. I do love it tho! Black and White by Michael Jackson gives me a good push on my ipod. I also have a lot on there from the "Mamma Mia" soundtrack :) Fun!

  7. I WANNNT the purple fitbit charge too :-)



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