Monday, February 9, 2015

Mind over matter?

Their reactions are so funny!

Are you guilty of this kind of behavior? It’s easy to be persuaded that something is healthy even if it’s not.

This made me think of the variety of products marketed towards dieters. 100 calorie packs, diet chocolates, baked chips, and even some granola bars.These foods are often just glorified junk foods that many of us convince ourselves are better for us than the real things and they’re really not! But we believe they are and so we consume them thinking that we’re doing our bodies good and that we are sticking to our diets and getting healthy.

On another note, the mind is a powerful tool. If we believe that a workout is doing our body good, that fresh and natural foods nourish our bodies, that we are WORTH change—we will put our beliefs into action and see results.


  1. Personally I dislike all the "goodies" that appear to be "healthy" if I want to eat a sweet I eat the real deal and enjoy every ounce of it ~ maybe talking DQ Blizzard here....b/c its my weakness but no amount of frozen yogurt or Almondmilk can replace the real thing. Then, move on and back to it. ;-)

    1. I am the same way these days. I used to eat the "diet" stuff but I find I am more satisfied with the real thing. There's always an occasional exception though!

    2. I actually almost bought a Smart Ones dessert Saturday night for a treat. Instead, I reminded myself that "those" treats only lead me to end up eating the REAL treat I wanted to begin with. Forget diet candy! I'm more towards getting a port of the real deal these days than replacing only to be disappointed.

  2. Gotta love jimmy!!! Too funny and so true.

  3. Hey...was he talking about THM in the beginning?? "Butter in your coffee". LOL! Hilarious!

  4. Hahahaha. Love it! I sure can't say I haven't been fooled into a "healthy" purchase before!

  5. That's hilarious. So true too. It's hard not to get sucked in sometimes.



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