Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Really Good and Active Day & #Postpartumdepression Progress

I had such a good day yesterday! I am so proud of myself for the steps I took getting back to the old me. I am finally seeing progress.

I was productive around the house in the morning with cleaning and doing laundry and all of the usual daily tasks. That might sound trivial, but for me that’s progress because lately I hardly have the energy to do ONE of those things at a time.

After lunch and baby’s first nap, I decided to just stroll around and get some extra steps in. I pushed the stroller and we kind of wandered around aimlessly. The weather was BEAUTIFUL. Baby girl just loves going on walks.

I stopped at the library and went to the baby book section and even let baby girl out of the stroller to crawl around. We looked at books and I even let her touch them. I have been a little ocd about her being around germs, thanks to the postpartum depression. I finally decided to let loose and let her be a child—I can’t keep her in the house forever! I can’t deny that I kept thinking about all of the germs that she was probably coming in contact with.

At the library I did feel a little anxious. I remembered to take deep breaths and I was ok. And there was no one even around. It’ll get better, I’m sure.

I also stopped at a coffee shop and got myself an iced coffee. This involved interaction with people, so yay for me—even if I felt uncomfortable, at least I did it.

My mom arrived for the week later in the afternoon so I got to enjoy lots of chatting with her (and listening to her chatter- ha- hi mom!). After supper, we went for another walk.

And guess what…


I did it! I got more than 10,000 steps yesterday! Yippee!!

Wouldn’t you know I stepped on the scale this morning and wasn’t too happy with the number I saw, but I reminded myself that it’s not about the scale. I made great progress yesterday with being active and that’s what counts most!


  1. I can hear the happy in the tone of this post! :) So glad for you! And I'll tell you that after a really good day yesterday, I also decided to weigh last night and then this morning. I can usually look at my night # and know that I will be 3 pounds lighter in the am. So I wasn't too disappointed with my night #.... until I woke up and my morning # was only 1 lb less!!!! What??? But whatever! I swear I hate the scale! Lol Awesome job on the steps!

  2. Lots of positive in your post. One would be great, but you accomplished several. Glad things are turning around for you.

  3. congrats on all the interactions and getting more activity in to your day. I loved reading about your progress :) one day at the time!

  4. Yay, very happy for your good day. Hoping tomorrow is a good one as well.



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