Monday, March 2, 2015


I obtained a VIP membership to Adore Me as part of the Influenster program. I was sent a free product of my choice. All opinions here are my own.

When I started browsing Adore Me to decide if I wanted to join to receive a free product of my choice, I made up my mind when I saw they offered really cute plus size lingerie. All of my plus size ladies out there know how hard it is to find cute, plus sized lingerie!

I chose the Lolie (Plus), which is this beautiful scarlet color. (images below from Adore Me site- unfortunately, I do not look like this beautiful model- haha)

It’s a gorgeous nightgown and it makes me feel pretty when I’m wearing it too. The fabric is so soft and it’s super comfortable.

The Lolie (Plus) is available in sizes XL – 3XL. I ordered the 3XL and it fit me well.

Adore Me also offers regular sized lingerie and swimwear. They have some really cute items!

The only thing that I dislike about Adore Me are the terms. Adore Me is a membership program and the idea is to pick out lingerie each month to be shipped to you. I love the idea—but I don’t think I need (or can afford) that much lingerie. You have the option to skip a month or go on a Payment Vacation for 2 months. If you do not skip the month, you will be charged a $39.95 store credit. However, it is easy to skip the month, you just have to make sure you do it between the 1st and the 5th of each month. Ultimately, I would like to be able to choose when I place an order vs. having to make sure I skip the month, etc.

Where do you buy your lingerie?


  1. That little sexy night dress looks beautiful!

    ...I tend to buy lingerie at Marshalls or TJMaxx, I feel like stores like Victoria Secret are so over rated and so over priced.

  2. Now Alissa, I expected you to put pics of you in it! Lol, jk! I don't look anything like her either! Where are all the plus size models with cellulite and abdominal pendulums? Ha! That is such a pretty piece! With 4 kids always around, I don't get to wear something pretty like that to bed hardly at all anymore. But I would really love to find some nice gowns that are attractive like that only longer for when I do get to wear them. I like my legs to be covered because there are so many busted blood vessels among other things. Blah! Too bad you have to pretty much buy every month. No way that would be a go right now.

  3. very cute nightie....sadly I wear t-shirt and shorts....but its comfy to me. ;-)

  4. Very pretty and looks like it would be flattering, which I care about even though hubby says no worries. lol

    I couldn't do a club like that either.



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