Monday, March 9, 2015

March Date Night

We actually had two dates in one day! Since hubby accompanied me to my First Counseling Appointment, we were able to grab lunch afterwards before he headed back to work. Baby girl was happy to be with my mom—she doesn’t even miss us when we’re gone!


And my mom offered to watch her while we went on another date night—we’ve been lucky with her being around lately! So while Hubby lucked out last month and got to plan a date night out (instead of in), I got to do the same for my turn this month!

I originally planned for us to try a new place for supper but as silly as it sounds, I was simply emotionally exhausted from the day and wanted to do something really low key and “comfortable”. So, I decided on iHop instead. While I was pregnant, hubby and I went to iHop after every baby class that we took—a lot of good memories!

As per our tradition, I started off with a hot chocolate and hubby had a French vanilla coffee.


I had an omelet and pancakes and hubby had crepes with eggs and bacon. This was a carb heavy date—but it was delicious.


iHop was super duper warm inside. It felt like a giant hug in there—it felt so wonderful.

I wanted to do something fun for a date night activity so I chose something that hubby and I would do periodically when we were dating or if we were on vacation. As our date night tradition goes, everything is a surprise—so I told hubby what turns to make to get to our destination, which was the mall.

When we walked inside, I told him that we had to take the glass elevator down. Of course, I told him we had to share a kiss in the elevator—it was a date after all! He was afraid my plan was to ride the carousel, which would be a really fun and I wish I had thought of that, but he would have been embarassed! hehe

And so we walked through the mall and then I told him we had to take the escalator upstairs. He got a laugh out of my trying to trick him by taking him to the lower level via the elevator and then back to the upper level via the escalator. So mysterious.

The final destination was the arcade. He was pretty excited. We had $20 to spend—which turned out to be a bit much, but we had fun.

First stop was Skee Ball—my favorite!


They had all kinds of games at this place. It was fun competing against each other at the two player games. We had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun.


They even had “bowling” with these tiny bowling balls.


I’m pretty sure we were the oldest people in the place—there were mostly teenagers. But it’s always fun to feel like a kid again.


By the time we got home, my mom had baby girl asleep for the night. It was fun to have a few care free hours together as a couple. We’re learning how important date nights are—whether it’s at home or out!

Hubby’s turn for April! I can’t wait to see what he plans.


  1. I remember Jimmy and I going to Chuck E Cheese on one of our date nights after eating. It was just SO fun to be there and, like you said, be kids again. I didn't have to keep my eyes on 4 kids and split from hubby so 2 could do something with him while the other 2 did something with me. It's just fun to do something like that because it takes you back to dating days and all the flirty fun it was! :)

  2. I think is so awesome that you guys take turns to plan date night. You just gave me a great idea to try with my bf :)... thanks!

    The pancakes looked DELICIOUS. Im sure they were worth every bite. Definitely my favorite go-to breakfast.

  3. you guys look hubby would love this kind of date night (I may have to surprise him sometime)

  4. How fun!! Your hot chocolate and food look delicious!! So glad you had a good time :)

  5. I love skee ball. I'm terrible at it, but love it

  6. It's great to see the smiles on your faces!!

  7. Love that you guys have this monthly date night tradition. So important to take care of yourselves. And you guys are adorbs.

  8. You look so pretty in the picture with your husband! Great date night idea!!



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