Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Two Months Later: 2015 Resolutions Check in

Here we are at the beginning of another month which means it's time to check in with my 2015 Resolutions. A lot happened in February and the month seemed to fly by. I found out that I had postpartum depression and that kind of changed everything for me.

I have been trying not to stress and to learn to relax a bit—eliminating some things from my life that caused me to become stressed and anxious. So here’s my check in!

image_thumb5Lose Weight I am down a little over a pound from the beginning of the year, so that is a loss. Due to everything I have going on right now, I’m not actively stressing out over this—but plan to.
image_thumb7 Exercise Regularly This is something I really need to start doing so that I can reap the benefits, but I’m also working on not stressing out about everything and that includes exercise at the moment.
image_thumb5 Be Present (unplugged) I’m definitely doing better. I quit Facebook and this has done wonders for my stress and anxiety level. I still like to pick up my phone a lot though!
image_thumb5 A Single Step (towards being a writer) I have made numerous steps this year—not big ones, but steps anyways. I started writing more this past month.
image_thumb8 Make New Friends This isn’t a good time for me to tackle this one because of the postpartum depression issues.
image_thumb8Budget Fail. But we’re getting back to it.
image_thumb5 Purge I didn’t do much, but I did clean out the medicine cabinet and got rid of expired items.
image_thumb5 Blog More The good, the bad, and the ugly—for better or worse, I’ve bee blogging about it.
image_thumb9 Read More I really love reading and I’m sad that I can’t seem to take the time to do it! It’s not that I’m not reading anything at all—I read my bible, blogs, a baby book, etc. But I want to read a book from front to back.
A Better Me
Last month, I wrote that I felt like I had become the worst me yet. I am happy to say that I figured out why that was and am getting help for postpartum depression. I have also been trying to be kind and do kind things when I have the opportunity—this makes me feel good too.

Last month I had accomplished 6 items and that’s the same as this month—just different ones. By the end of the year, I will tackle them all!


  1. You are such an inspiration. Most of your goals relate to me so deeply it's like I am reading my own resolutions. Thank you for blogging. I always look forward to your posts.
    Be well, and God Bless!

  2. Two months in, met 6 goals each time, awesome! I find text messaging so addictive yet annoying at times! Lol

  3. I agree with STaci on Text messaging....I have a LOVE/hate relationship with it for sure. (Definitely good but bad for this introvert!)

  4. You are doing great! If you met all your goals - then you would be challenging yourself enough, IMHO :D

  5. Not bad! Looks like you are making great progress and have been tackling most of your resolution. Keep taking it a day at the time :)



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