Thursday, April 2, 2015

Daily Update and Plus Size Workout Clothes at Kohl’s

Even though I’m participating in #HAWMC, I still want to post my regular updates too—so I may have more than one post per day sometimes, like today.

Yesterday was kind of a big day for me with my first psychiatrist appointment and all. I was super anxious at the appointment—as in I couldn’t think straight to tell her what I wanted to tell her. At one point I apologized and told her I couldn’t think straight. But I made it through.

She told me that my “can’t stop yawning/short of breath feeling” is caused from anxiety. She also told me that the heart pounding and then a gasp for air in the night was a panic attack in my sleep. So I got meds figured out and that was about it. She made me feel a little uncomfortable, but I think it was a cultural difference (mannerisms) and I’m trying not to take it personally. She also gave me some advice that I talked about in my other post today. I go back in a month.

My mom and baby girl came with me to the town of my appointment. My mom dropped me off while baby girl slept in the car. We had lunch afterwards and then went to Kohl’s. I’m happy because I got a few basic shirts that I can wear with various outfits. I also bought a workout shirt from their plus size fitness section:


It seemed inspiring to me—so I went with it. I also have a cami in the exact same green as the letters. While looking for these pics on the Kohl’s website, I came across another shirt I’d love to have—maybe someday!


Super cute, huh? And it’s plus size! I love the plus size workout clothes that Kohl’s sells.

I also bought another shirt that I will wear just around the house or whatever. It has “Do what makes you happy” printed on it. Not something I would normally buy, but with my struggles with postpartum depression as of late, I am drawn to things that bring positivity to my life.

Yesterday, I didn’t reach my 10,000 steps—but it was a busy and tiring day anyways. I reached 6,054 steps.

Today, I’m on my way to 10,000 steps. I already have more than I got yesterday, thanks to going for a 30+ minute walk while pushing baby girl in the stroller.


I figured out a workaround since my FitBit Charge HR does not track steps while pushing a stroller or a cart. I put it in my pocket and it tracks. After my walk today, I went online and mapped my walk and I got the same exact distance that was reported on my FitBit—so we’re good to go! Yay!

I woke up feeling very tired this morning. I’ve also had the “short of breath” feeling all day long and I can’t seem to shake it. I guess I’m feeling anxious for whatever reason. That seems to happen after I have a doctor appointment—I think I just get really worked up inside. So I’m proud of myself for still getting out there for a walk. It didn’t revitalize me or anything, but I feel good about getting it done.


  1. Cute shirts....I always get a little anxious around a holiday. I guess I figure I need to make sure there is a nice meal, kids are happy, and all that....when in reality I know we should just focus on the holiday~what Jesus has done for us~and being together is enough.

  2. I just started reading your blog again after being away for a while. I have that exact same thing with the yawning and short of breath. I have had it for years and I was always told I had asthma. About 2 years ago, it was found out it was not asthma. Mine only happens a few times and lasts for a few days. I was told that this disorder is due to lack of sleep/sleep apnea. After I was told that, I watched very closely, sure enough, if I don't get a good sleep and I'm up for hours because I can't sleep, it starts. I can't get a deep enough breath in my lungs and when I do it lasts very short. Yawning is what helps me feel a reprieve even though it only lasts a couple minutes. Watch your sleep pattern and see if that what causes your onset of lack of oxygen.



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