Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Earning Steps at Home

Yesterday was a bit of a challenge because it was too cold outside to take baby out for a walk. I wasn’t really feeling like getting on the treadmill, so I decided to get my 10,000 steps in any way that I could.

First, I dusted, swept, Swiffered, and vacuumed the main level of the house. You can earn quite a few steps by cleaning and doing things around the house. It made me feel good to get all of that accomplished and get steps at the same time.

After that, I looked up a Leslie Sansone workout. Lots of people have recommended her walking workouts but this was the first time I tried one out. I got through 20 minutes of it before baby girl woke up from her nap. I earned 2,000 steps doing that!


The picture is so dark because I close all of the shades when I work out. lol

I did as much “house walking” as possible and I did a lot of walking/jogging in place. It all really adds up! I think if I started walking/jogging in place throughout the day that it would help me meet my step goal a lot faster. I was breaking out a sweat from doing that—it’s actually a good way to get some activity in the day!

And I met my step goal again!


Jessica is still beating me in our step challenge! I am working my butt off to move more but apparently she is working harder! I’m not giving up though.

I have been trying to convince hubby that he needs a Fitbit too so that we can compete and last night he said to go ahead and get one and that it would be fun to compete. I am planning on running some errands today so will probably get that for him today! I think we should have a pretty fierce competition most days because his new work position is primarily an office job and not as much physical labor. It will be fun!

I ended the day yesterday with 1 Points+ left over simply because what am I going to eat for 1 point? With all of my extra “activity” yesterday, I earned 9 Activity Points since my Fitbit is synced with Weight Watchers.

How was your Tuesday?


  1. Great work on getting your steps in no matter what! I also close my shades when I work out too! The other day my daughter came into my room while I was working out and was like, Mom let me open the window for you because it is so hot in your room. I was like no I don't want people staring into my room while I work out! Like anyone could really see me in my room. It's crazy how your mind see things isn't it?!

  2. Good job Alissa!!! So so glad you are on a roll and feeling much better too!!! 😍

  3. Love to hear the "positive, upbeat" hint to your posts.....nice to see things are going better.

  4. I love competing!! It makes it so much more fun to try to get all my steps in! You will catch up...don't worry! 😋

  5. great job! Ive always told people that cleaning and doing work around the house definitely counts as exercise! Thats so cool that your device links up with weight watchers. Talk about tech advances :)

  6. Awesome job!! I love Leslie Sansone, but always on the lookout for other walking workouts, I found Jessica Smith!! I never knew what people meant about their "soulmate" workout till I found her!! She has a YouTube channel with many free workouts, she has one called her barefoot fushion walk, I do it when the kids are sleeping or napping:-)! I really break a sweat with many of her workouts!!

  7. Sounds like jogging randomly throughout the day would be a burst of an interval and really good for fat burning! WTG on 9 APs!



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