Thursday, April 23, 2015

Five Tips to Ward Off Hunger on those Hungry Days

You know those days when you are hungry, hungry, hungry and can’t seem to get enough to eat but you also want to stay on your diet plan so that you can meet your goals? Those are hard days, but with a little mindfulness you can survive it and still stay on track.

Here are a few ideas that I’ve used:

  1. Drink Water: There are endless benefits to drinking more H2O, including warding off snacking. According to this Livestrong article, your body will sometimes send hunger signals when you are actually just dehydrated. Instead of snacking, try drinking a big glass of water first.
  2. Eat a Protein Bar: It can be difficult to find a protein bar that’s lower in calories and carbs, not made of all kinds of crazy ingredients, but loaded with protein and satisfying. I have found Quest Bars to be my favorite because they meet all of these requirements. My husband loves these too because they are chewy and they take longer to eat. You can buy Quest Bars online through Supps R Us.

  1. Eat Fruits/Veggies: When talking with my counselor about emotional eating, she told me that one of the first steps I could take is to grab something healthy instead of say, chocolate, and to let myself eat however much of it I wanted. Her examples were baby carrots, celery, or apples—it’s really hard to eat a lot of baby carrots or apples because they are filling, but they also aren’t super high in calories and they are loaded with nutrients. While this advice was for emotional eating, it also applies well to those hungry days.
  2. Chew Gum: There are a lot of delicious flavors of sugar-free gum out there these days. Keep a few packs on hand and enjoy the flavors. It might keep you distracted from your hunger for a while and even satisfy a sweets craving.
  3. Drink a Cup of Coffee or Tea: As long as you don’t add sugar and a lot of cream, a hot cup of coffee (or iced) or a herbal tea can be a delicious treat! A hot drink especially can be very satisfying and filling.

What are your tips to ward of hunger on those hungry days?


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  1. Thanks for the tips to ward off hunger, I usually drink water to help. I want to try the Quest Bars. They sound perfect for me too!

  2. I always drink a gallon of water a day, snack on whole foods that are filling and I do trick myself with sugar-free gum :)! You know I drink my Spark to help curb my sweet tooth too - I can't make it through my day without it!



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