Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Samaritans & Kind Words #HAWMC #postpartumdepression

Today’s writing prompt is to write about a time I benefited from the kindness of a stranger or a time when I was the one extending a helping hand as a good Samaritan.

Have I ever done something kind for a stranger? I’m sure I have, but not in a big way—just little things that every human being should do without keeping score.

The good Samaritan is unique in that he helped a stranger. I’m sure all of us try to do kind things for those whom we know and love, but reaching out to help a stranger requires another level of selflessness.

Acts of kindness by a good Samaritan don’t always need to be big acts.I believe that one can be a good Samaritan by simply giving the gift of a kind word. In some of my most overwhelmed moments as a mother with postpartum depression, strangers have said some of the kindest things to me and it encouraged me, probably more than they know.

You’re doing good, mama.

I have a grandbaby and I understand.

Why don’t you check out before me, I know standing in line with a baby is hard.

I remember specific moments when women have stopped to say something kind to me and I can’t even remember their words—but I remember how they made me feel. Some of these women offered kind words and a smile when I was almost ready to break down and cry and their kindness strengthened me. I am grateful for those moments.

I don’t know that the opportunity to help a stranger arises all that often—but we know that it does. Sometimes I have seen a stranger and felt compassion and have wanted to help or offer a kind word, but I didn’t because I have questioned whether it’s the right thing to do or not, because I didn’t know how the recipient would react, and sometimes just because I was too scared to do so. If it is safe and reasonable, I want to be more willing to extend a helping hand or offer a kind word without fear—and I think we know when these times arise.

The important thing about being a good Samaritan is that we do so without expecting a reward or any recognition for it. Is there anything more tacky than the person who does something kind for a stranger and then posts about it on Facebook? In my opinion, a good Samaritan does good things simply because it’s the right thing to do and he/she is moved by their conscience to do so—not because he/she is crafting the perfect social media post in their head while doing the kind act.

Be kind. You never know who you might strengthen.

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  1. I guess my biggest opportunity is to let someone go in line in front of me when they have only a few items. I don't work outside the home, so the grocery store is mostly when I interact with the public. But I know it always means a lot to people who are holding two or three items to be told to go in front of me - the lady with a buggy load to feed 6 people. Lol I know that I love when others let me in front of them, too, in the same situation.



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