Thursday, April 9, 2015

I Took the Lead & #Postpartumdepression Update

Another good day in the books! That’s three in a row and I’m feeling pretty good.

Weight Watchers

I ended the day with 2 Points+ left over. Yesterday I enjoyed a Starbucks latte and a small Reese’s egg. I love getting back to the plan that I did best—all things in moderation. I really wanted a cookie or a cupcake, I will admit it. But it wasn’t the time or the place for that—I’ll save that for another time when I will truly enjoy it. See? A little self-control there! Smile

Mall Walking & Fitbit Steps

I made it my goal yesterday to pass up Jessica at our step challenge. And let me tell you…that girl made me move all afternoon and evening!

My plan is to continually switch things up to keep my walking interesting. So yesterday, I headed to the mall to do some mall walking. That is just the best way to earn a ton of steps. I walked for about an hour, some of that was walking through stores and browsing too—but movement is movement!


Baby girl started to get fussy at about the hour point, so we headed out to the car for our next stop.

Postpartum Depression Update & Motherhood

This is where I am super proud of myself and is proof that I am finally beating out postpartum depression. I was trying to find the fitbit Charge HR for hubby, so I stopped at Best Buy…they didn’t have it, so I went to Wal-mart, they didn’t have it, so I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods—and they did! I also ate at Subway by myself with baby. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but just a few weeks ago I was emotionally and physically exhausted after a trip to Panera and Target with my mom helping.

I feel like I am able to experience motherhood in a different way now. I don’t know if it’s just the stage, or if maybe it’s because I don’t have the postpartum depression causing me to feel horrible in every way. I feel better bonded with my baby. We share all kinds of giggles, smiles, and kisses. She follows me around the house because she loves to be with me. I still have to practice self-talk regularly, but I don’t feel as much like a failure at being a mother. My heart feels full in a way that I wasn’t able to experience until now.

It took a while for baby girl to settle down to go to sleep last night. She seems to have this issue any time there is a lot of stimuli in the day. It can be seeing new or different people, going out and about a lot, being in a new place, or a lot of social interaction. Anyone else experience this with their little ones?

Baby girl has slept through the night for the past two nights, so that helps a TON. I feel so much better when I get rest, but apparently I am still very restless during the night, according to my fitbit stats. Blue is when I’m sleeping and pink is when I’m restless.


Kind of interesting! Can I just say how happy I am since the time change? Baby girl used to want to go to bed at like 6:30 and I’d have to be fighting to keep her awake longer and then she would wake up at 5:30 or just a really early time. With the time change, she generally goes to bed at 8 now and wakes up around 8 a.m.! That’s good sleeping for me and it’s super helpful for me to feel my best throughout the day. I feel very lucky.

I Took the Lead

After baby was asleep for the night, I checked my fitbit stats and sure enough, Jessica was ahead of me! So I jogged/walked in place until I beat her! Proof:


She is currently ahead of me again…so I’d better catch up!

Overall, I am super, super proud of my steps for the day. I really had to work for it and it’s a new step record for me.


So I was feeling super proud of myself and then I saw someone on Instagram who had like 20,000+ steps and I felt deflated. But then I reminded myself that comparison is a bad thing to do! This is my best and that’s all that matters! There is no other person in the world on the exact same journey as I am. I will do what I can, when I can and it will always be enough. #WYCWYC

The End

Now how is that for a long and rambling post?! Are you still with me? Smile

This post contains fitbit affiliate links. If you click on a link, I will receive a small commission to help keep A Journey to Thin running. I am truly a fitbit fan!


  1. Congrats! That's a lot of steps! :) And you sound so thrilled with your progress in the PPD world. So happy for you and proud of you!

  2. Wow! You are doing so well with your steps!! Way To Go!!!! :)

  3. Congratulations that's awesome, the steps and everything else. I is great to have a friendly competition to motivate you.



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