Monday, April 6, 2015

My Hero #HAWMC

Today’s prompt: image

It didn’t take me long to choose who I was going to write about for this prompt. My mom is pretty much one of the most amazing people on this earth. She has a lot of qualities that I admire and I was able to appreciate her goodness even more when she came to help out while I was in the worst of my postpartum depression.

My mom lives four hours away in another state, but she came to stay and help out during the weekdays for five weeks. I truly believe she was a very important part of my progress. She picked up the slack when I was exhausted, listened to me pour my heart out, reassured me when I broke down in tears, and cheered me up when I needed it the most. Baby girl is simply in love with her and she thoroughly enjoyed having her here too!


My mom just has a way about her. She is kind, thoughtful, generous, and always puts herself last. She is always encouraging and always pleasant to be around. She truly is a virtuous woman!

One of the things that I can appreciate most about her is that she knew how to set her children free and let them fly. She is never overbearing and nosy. Even when she stayed with us, she was always faithful in giving me and hubby our space when he got home from work—even though we didn’t expect her to do so because we enjoy her company.

In my teenage years and before I moved out of the house and got married, my mom and I were good friends. I have a lot of good memories of time spent with my mom. It was wonderful to be able to experience that again while she stayed at our place and helped us out. My mom has always been my best “girlfriend” and always will be!

I love you mom—you are my hero and I hope I can be just as gracious as you are.

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  1. Best. Mom. Ev-er!!! Love her too. And I'm glad to hear you're doing better these days. Xo



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