Thursday, April 16, 2015

Out and About

I didn’t feel well yesterday and I was super tired, so I rested. I didn’t meet my step goal, but that’s ok. The resting was worth it because when I woke up this morning, I didn’t feel exhausted anymore—I just have that slight feeling like I’m getting a cold, but nothing major so far!

It always makes me so happy when I’m not completely exhausted and can’t find the energy to do anything. It’s good to feel like “myself” and I miss it when I have those days that I don’t. It makes me frustrated when I’m motivated and doing great and then that happens and I have to lay low for a bit—I’m afraid it’s slowing me down!

Anyways, I was back at it this morning.

Hubby has been taking a course all week at a community college, so we decided we would meet for lunch one day this week. Let me tell you, it is quite the job to get yourself and a baby ready to go and out the door all by yourself. Seriously, how in the world do moms of multiples do it? But I got it done…whew!

Of course the day we chose to meet, the teacher decided he’d cut their lunch down to a half hour instead of an hour. We went to Panchero’s and I got chicken tacos. The place was super busy and loud. That’s a situation that just causes me a lot of anxiety and so I enjoyed the food, but I felt like I wasn’t there “mentally” to enjoy the time with hubby. Hard to explain. But people kept stopping at our table to swoon over baby girl and you know me, social interaction just makes me nervous. I didn’t use to be anxious to this extent! Whew.


Baby girl sure loved all of the commotion and attention though. She was sitting in the high chair loving the rock-type music and bopping along to the beat on certain songs. I think she is going to be pretty sociable, so I need to get out there so that she can be more! I never really thought about the fact that my children may not be like me—so I want to make sure I can help her be herself in whatever way I can and to support her strengths, etc. I’m thinking about going to some sort of mommy group—there’s one not far from here every month and then there’s a Mops group—but I’m not sure what to expect and also I don’t think I’m ready for that. I don’t want to have to leave early crying like I did on Sunday! ha.

After that, I headed over to Target to do some walking and browsing. First stop was Starbucks, of course…I really needed some caffeine because I didn’t have time for my coffee this morning! I got a non-fat caramel macchiato—so yummy! Target really knows mamas pretty well—Starbucks in the store and they even supply these nice little cup holders for the cart.


Baby started to get fussy, so I showed her a bunch of different toys. Right now, her favorite things to play with are the car seat toys that have all kinds of different things dangling from them with different textures and sounds. They’re actually perfect because they always have the hooks to put them on a car seat, so when we go shopping I hook them onto the stroller or cart cover and that helps keep her entertained. I ended up buying her another one…anything to keep her from fussing!!

So then the goal was to go to the mall and do some walking and browsing. But then I decided to check out a new store in town called The Fresh Market. There were a few other stores in the same section, so I thought I would just walk around with baby in the stroller.

As soon as I went inside the store I realized that it was a place that hubby and I went to when we were in Kansas City one time. It was kind of fancy and expensive. But they had lots of fun products that I’d love to try. I will definitely go there again. I didn’t buy anything.


Next up, I went to Home Goods. I don’t think I’ve been in this store before but oh my goodness—next time I’m making over a room I’m going there! Didn’t buy anything there either! Baby was getting pretty fussy so I was getting nervous.


Hobby Lobby was next—I saw an idea on another blog of a toy I could make for baby girl, but I couldn’t find the supplies I needed and baby was starting to get out of control—so I headed out.

It was a super nice and warm day! I may have enjoyed a custard cone…actually, I did. And I counted the points for it and it was absolutely delicious.

Baby girl slept the entire drive home—which was a relief to me! I enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Bright green grass, blue skies, children getting out of school, and farmers beginning their work for the spring.

I haven’t quite met my step goal yet but I plan on going for a walk tonight. Today was a good day—hope yours was too!


  1. She is just getting cuter and cuter! :) I always loved when my babies slept in the van, too. Nothing ever caused me more anxiety than trying to make it home with a screaming kid! Lol

  2. Starbucks, shopping and that adorable baby....What a great day!!



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