Friday, April 17, 2015

Weigh in Day: Week 2

I decided not to weigh myself all week, which is something new for me because I have always weighed daily. This seems to be working for me right now and helps me not obsess about the scale.

This morning I lost .9 lbs. for a total loss of 5.7 lbs. in two weeks. At first I felt disappointed—but then when I thought about having lost almost 6 lbs. in only two weeks, I felt pretty good about it.

Here are my Weight Watchers healthy checks for the week:


Please note that Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday were days I was experiencing exhaustion due to PPD and Wednesday I was also feeling sick. I count exercise as days that I get at least 10,000 steps in.

Stats for the week:

  • Weekly Points Used: 48/49
  • Active Points Earned: 40
  • Total steps: 62,022
  • Weight Loss this Week: –.9 lbs.
  • Total Weight Loss to Date: –5.7 lbs.

This week I’m going to try not to use so many Weekly Points—I used most of them on Sunday when we were eating at hubby’s parents and that was just a really tough day for me emotionally. Overall, I am happy with my week--Ya did good, Alissa!

I did want to update you on my steps for yesterday:


Yep, that’s how it’s done! I love the days when I am feeling like myself. It makes me happy to accomplish goals.

Alright, so here’s the low down on the step challenge I had going on with a couple of ladies. The other two are related and apparently super duper competitive to the point they were walking all day almost non-stop. lol. Literally, I am currently over 20,000 steps behind these two and I’ve only had one day that I didn’t meet or exceed my step goal (M-F)—hello over 14,000 steps on Monday. So for the sake of their physical and emotional health, and because they have families to take care of and cannot be walking all day, we are changing up the challenge.

Starting Monday, each of us will have a personal goal to reach 60,000 steps from Monday through Friday—that averages 12,000 steps her day. If one person doesn’t meet that goal, that person loses and has to buy the other two a $5 gift card. If everyone meets the goal, we go for another week with the same challenge until someone does lose. Should be fun!

Fitbit Flex

On another note, I hope to have the Online Book Club details for you on Monday. What do you think about using Google Hangouts? Do Thursday evenings work for you? I’m thinking 8 p.m. central time? Let me know your thoughts!

In case you missed it, we will be reading What You Can When You Can: Healthy Living on Your Terms. I received my copy yesterday and it will be a short and easy read—so don’t be scared away! I will make sure to keep the reading short so that we all have time to read it and then we can discuss it in more detail.


Have a great weekend!


  1. That is a great loss over 2 weeks, and you even had some low days in there of not feeling yourself. Also, I don't think you should feel like you shouldn't use your weeklies unless you are just using a lot of the earned APs instead. One person put it this way - If you lose w/o the weeklies in the beginning, you are only going to lose w/o the weeklies way later on, when your points are much less, and then it will be a lot harder to live w/o the weeklies. You know what works best for you, but I just wanted to remind you of what you already know - they are there for you to use if you want/need them! :) And you are earning so many APs!!! You are doing great, Alissa! Sounds like a good change-up on the challenge, too.

  2. Hmmm, Looks like a good book....I wonder if my library has it? Going there later. ;-)

  3. Oh fun. I've been meaning to read that book.

  4. Congrats on your two losses so far. Great work! Also fantastic job on all that walking. I definitely need to up my exercise moving forward. Right now though, I'm just trying to get a handle on the good thing again.

  5. That books looks great!! I'll have to check it out!! Thanks!!



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