Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party (Lots of Pictures!)

I can’t believe our baby girl is one year old already! The days are long but the years are short.

I had so much fun planning this birthday party. The decorations, the food, the gifts, and baby girl’s outfit—so much fun to plan! With a lot of team effort, it all turned out beautifully!

For her outfit, I bought a tutu at Party City that was sold along with the party supplies. I picked up the iron on “1” for her onesie at Hobby Lobby. I think it turned out really cute!


We started with gifts to keep things moving along and so her outfit wouldn’t be destroyed for gift opening time! Poor baby wasn’t feeling very well so she looks kind of tired in the pics.

Sienna's First Birthday 008

Sienna's First Birthday 016

Sienna's First Birthday 022

Our little family:

Sienna's First Birthday 026

Love this picture of Grandma and baby:

Sienna's First Birthday 034

Playing with one of her new toys from mama and daddy:

Sienna's First Birthday 037

I ordered a balloon bouquet that matched the “cupcake” theme that I got for napkins, etc. but when I picked them up they said that there was a hole in the balloon and it was the last one left. So I went with a “1” instead. For some reason I forgot to take a pic of the balloons, but here is an image I grabbed out of one of my photos. I loved the polka dot balloons.


Now onto the birthday party supper. Decorations, plates & napkins are from Party City.

Sienna's First Birthday 001

The centerpiece:

Sienna's First Birthday 004

I bought Frappuccino bottles and hubby and I drank them throughout the week prior to the party and then used some Goo Gone to clean off the labels. I made Crystal Light pink lemonade and served that with vintage paper straws (From Wal-mart)—so cute!

Sienna's First Birthday 042

The baby girl’s throne (bib from Wal-Mart):

Sienna's First Birthday 005

Her birthday hat:

Sienna's First Birthday 006

For supper, hubby grilled stuffed sweet peppers & chicken.

Sienna's First Birthday 044

Sienna's First Birthday 045

We had a fresh fruit salad with pineapple, papaya, mango, strawberries, blueberries, & kiwi.

Sienna's First Birthday 043

We also had Texas Potatoes and hubby’s parents brought homemade rolls and green bean casserole. It was so delicious!

Baby girl was ready to eat!

Sienna's First Birthday 060

For the birthday cake, I picked up a dozen cupcakes in all different varieties from a local cupcakery (we had 8 adults). A few years ago, I picked up a cupcake stand on clearance for $3 and I finally got to put it to use! It went so well with the general pretty in pink & girly type theme.

Sienna's First Birthday 041

Sienna's First Birthday 082

Don’t you just want to grab one? They were a hit—as always!

Baby girl sure enjoyed hers too!

Sienna's First Birthday 065

Sienna's First Birthday 067

Sienna's First Birthday 071

Sienna's First Birthday 077

So much fun! Next year, I need to start planning a little further in advance and start the prep much earlier—I was feeling pretty overwhelmed the day before and day of the party. Whew! But I’m so happy for how it all turned out.

Happy 1st birthday to our sweet baby girl!


  1. What a cute pumpkin she is!

  2. Wonderful!! You did an amazing job and she will look back on the beautiful pictures and know just how much she is loved!! Everything looks perfect!!! Happy Birthday to this sweet baby girl!!

  3. You did such a great job and everything was wonderful! Glad we could be there to enjoy swet pea's 1st birthday!! ������

  4. Awwww. Love all that pink. And I noticed the bow was IN! :) I do things last minute all the time, and I'll definitely agree it's stressful when you don't plan far enough in advance. Whew! You did a great job with it all, though. Supper sounds delish! Hate I missed it. Haha

  5. She is adorable and everything looks so nice!

  6. Oh my gosh, she is ADORABLE!!!! I love that you did all of this with budget friendly items. Spending a lot of money on kid's birthday parties is crazy to me... They don't care, they have fun no matter what! I'm bummed I won't be able to put a tutu on my son now, LOL. I was hoping he'd make an appearance today because a Cinco de Mayo party would be fun for mama ;) Hehe. I also love your idea of cupcakes. Easier to eat and clean up and a good portion size for a baby :)

  7. So cute! Looks like it was a wonderful 1st birthday! Also... those cupcakes. Mmmmmm.

  8. What cute pictures! Looks like a great day! :-)

  9. Loved all the pics! What a cutie :)

  10. She is adorable, and the party looks so sweet! Love that little throne you made for her - how clever! :)

  11. I just love this birthday party. The color scheme is perfect for a girly party. There is so much thought and creativity in this party. I would like to use this theme idea in my niece’s birthday party that we are going to host at the best party venues in Houston.



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