Thursday, May 28, 2015

Functional Exercise Day

Shhh... don't tell, but I surprised hubby and mowed the lawn today. I hope he's happy about it! I always offer to mow on Saturdays and he always says he wants to do it. But after a long day at work, I'm sure he will appreciate it.

That was a great way to earn steps! I'm only about 250 steps away from my 10,000 step goal because of it. This is kind of embarrassing, but it was a huge workout for me. I am exhausted! I seriously felt like I used to feel after running a 5K... I guess instead of feeling bad about it, I will just count it as a really good workout for me!

Before that, I pulled baby girl around in her wagon--so I got steps doing that too. We were outside a lot today. I pushed her in the swing, put down a blanket in the shade and we read a book, and she just walked around too...she always wants to go into the neighbor's yard instead of staying in ours! I think it's because they have all kinds of trinkets in their yard and she's attracted to those. She gets mad when I pick her up and keep her in our yard. lol

I'm super hungry today but trying not to eat too much since I'm now out of weekly points. So far so good. I have a healthy supper of grilled chicken and grilled stuffed peppers planned. I can't wait until supper time.

Tomorrow is my weigh in day and I'm excited about it. I put in the work this week and I hope that it shows on the scale! That's a good feeling.

Does anyone else use Windows Live Writer for their posts? There seems to be some issue with the program and Google and it's not working correctly. I love that program and I hope they get it fixed ASAP because it really streamlines the blogging process! I hate having to use Blogger to write a blog post.

I would love to switch to a Wordpress blog, especially for comment reasons, but I have no idea where to begin and I'd be afraid to mess something up. Has anyone else moved from Blogger to Wordpress?


  1. I saw on a post yesterday where someone said they changed from Blogger to Wordpress. They said even though Wordpress was awesome, Blogger just felt like home. I can't even remember what blog it was! It was one I don't normally read. So there ya go. Lol

    Anyway, mowing the yard with a push mower is something I did one time. Ever. And I was like 8 months pregnant. My husband wasn't happy because our nurse neighbor told him I shouldn't be doing that. I did it for a surprise. LOL But you aren't pregnant, so I'm sure he'll be happy. Hehe

    One year, I paid a person to mow our yard on hubby's birthday so he could rest. He was super thrilled with that! And no fair because by then we had a riding mower! Lol

  2. I mow the grass a lot now too and it's such a workout for me as well!!! I get all red faced and wore out like ive ran miles! Lol

  3. Great way to find a workout!! Cute pic too :)

  4. I've never heard of Windows Live Writer, so I'm no help there (I just use blogger to post). I haven't had to mow a lawn in 2 years--the last time I did, it was because someone was coming to look at our house! Haha. I guess that's 1 benefit of living in an apartment in the city--no grass to mow!



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