Friday, May 15, 2015

Weigh in Day and Finalized Outfits for Family Photos

Before stepping on the scale this morning, I mentally prepared myself for a large gain. When I stepped on the scale, I was surprised to find that I could actually breathe a sigh of relief.

I only gained .1 lb.! Now imagine if I had stayed on track this week…I probably would have had a nice loss. But you never know.

Stats for the week:

  • Weekly Points Used: All of them and then some 
  • Activity Points Earned: 22
  • Activity Points Used: All of them and then some
  • Total steps: 46,546
  • Weight Loss this Week: +.1
  • Total Weight Loss to Date: –10.3 lbs.

I’m especially happy that I didn’t lose my “10 lbs. lost status”. I haven’t even gotten my pedicure yet!!

This brings up something that I need to work on—when I inevitably mess up sometimes, I need to remember that every healthy choice counts. I don’t need to wait until weigh in day to “start over again” with a clean slate. It’s totally a mind thing and as much as I wanted to keep at it…I kept thinking in the back of my mind, “well, what’s the point? I’ve already messed up this much!”. There is a point—health, and it doesn’t start and stop depending upon a couple of “bad” choices. It all counts.

I was so excited to see that I received the skirt I ordered in the mail today!! I rushed inside to try it on and…”oh no”…I pulled another Alissa.

You see, I routinely make these stupid mistakes. Like accidently ordering the wrong color leaves for the tree decal in the nursery, or buying paint that I thought was gray and it was actually purple, or adding a cup of rosemary and salt to a recipe instead of 1 Tbs. Ok, that one is from long, long ago and was my first cooking experience, but you get the picture.

So what did I do? I gave the wrong measurements for my skirt! 3” too large, to be exact. I tried on the skirt and I literally cannot keep it on me because it’s so huge.

I may tend to make dumb mistakes like this from time to time, but you know what I’m also good at? Fixing problems. Although my sister says that I do not need to try to “fix” everything all of the time, I tend to think that in some ways this is a good quality that I have when it applies to things that do not involve emotional fixing…which is where I have a problem…and I’m working on fixing that one with my counselor…so I guess I just like to fix things. lol

Alright, so I thought…this skirt is just too perfect for the family photos that I’m not going to just give up on it. Better too big than too small. I safety pinned it together and it works. The next time I see my mom, I will see if she can fix it for me.

I really like how it turned out! What do you think? I will need to wear an additional tank underneath to make sure the chevron doesn’t show through my tank. The picture isn’t the greatest because I don’t have a good mirror (it’s old and has this foggy appearance that doesn’t come off of it).


I bought my tops at Old Navy (both the denim and the tank), and the skirt is from Needle Nook by Marcy on Etsy. The headband is from Hipsy Headbands which I ordered from Amazon Prime (affiliate link).

Here is what baby girl will wear:


And then I picked up this shirt for hubby at Old Navy. I was in a hurry and when I was leaving I saw a shirt that had all of the colors that we’re wearing…but don’t think I’ll have time to go back and get that one.


So what do you think?


  1. When we expect it's gonna be a gain it's always great when it's not as bad as we expected (I gained 1/2lb this week - expected 2lb) but it's part of the course. Overall weightloss means much more than a blip. You look fab in the picture and your little Miss is growing so quick! Have a great weekend x

  2. Yes, too big can be fixed pretty easily!!! WHEW! Love the colors. And I hate that my skirt tops show through my skirts!!! So annoying! That is such a cute pic of Sienna. :) So glad you didn't have a big gain. I know that made you super happy! When I would flop at WW, I would pick a restart day and say "I will allot myself 20 weekly allowance points to last me until WI day." Even though I had already used all 49, it still felt less stressful to get back on track and allow myself a certain amount to continue on with than to conquer mentally staying perfectly within my points each day.

  3. Nice job.....on overall weight loss and choice of colors/outfits.

  4. I love the outfit! Almost makes me want to redo our family photos just to have a chance at properly coordinating our outfits ;)

    Surprise maintain/weight loss is always exciting, if not frustrating--I've had weeks where I've been perfect in terms of my eating, but not lose a bit--then I'll go crazy one week and blow my points out of the water, and I'll lose 2 pounds. I've been working on letting it roll though, and just continuing on with improving my habits. I'm glad you got to keep your 10-pound loss! :)

  5. Love that outfit. You look cute. As does the babe (obviously).

    It's hard to stop making bad decisions once you start. I struggle with that too. "oh well, I've already messed up today, so I'll wait until tomorrow to be good." The struggle is real.

  6. Oh I just love the colors! You look great and you will all coordinate beautifully :)

  7. Tried commenting when you first posted but my internet was acting up.
    I love your outfit! The colors are great and it's so flattering on you! Can't wait to see the pictures!



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