Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Swimsuit Shopping

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I’ve spent the entire morning trying to find a new swimsuit for a good price. My current one is a little too low cut and not exactly “baby safe” if you know what I mean. I’d rather not take the risk of showing WAY too much at the pool when the little one decides to grab my swimsuit.

I’m also planning on taking the water aerobics classes this year. I’m looking forward to it but I’m a little nervous and afraid I won’t be able to keep up! I took this class once a few years ago when I was a lot more fit and active. But I have to start somewhere and I love the water so this seems like a perfect idea. I’ll also get a little alone time, which I am looking forward to. Hubby thinks it’s a great idea and doesn’t have a problem watching baby girl for an hour twice per week.

I ended up buying two things and I’m not sure if either will work. I found them at

The first one was on clearance for $15 and is more of a “sport” type swimsuit which I thought would be good for all of the bouncing around in the water during water aerobics. I’m not going to lie, this isn’t all that cute but I think it will get the job done.

image image

I’m hoping it will look ok with navy blue bottoms that I already have.

Since I had to pay a standard shipping rate anyways, I decided I might as well grab another suit. This one was a clearance for $39. I thought the little skirt was cute—I’m not so sure how it will look on me, but I’ll give it a try!


I would have liked this one in black, but they only had my size in the fuschia. Hopefully it covers well and isn’t see through or something!

I chose both suits simply because of the prices. I hope they turn out ok! If not, I’ll head to Walmart—but it will be difficult to swim suit shop with a one year old!! And I just hate trying on swimsuits. Who doesn’t?

I also hope to get them by next Tuesday when the classes start! Fingers crossed!

I’m hoping to spend a lot of time at the pool this summer with baby girl. We might get a family pass so we can go whenever. We also picked up a small pool for the yard—but it’s not super ideal. I get grossed out by all of the bugs floating in it! Eww.

Do you have a new swimsuit for the summer? Where did you find it? Are you taking any water exercise classes?


  1. I do water aerobics and love it. I bought my suit at Wal-M on clearance, and really like it! Luck I guess!

  2. Cute suit! I love Always For Me. If you do wind up going to Wally World anyway, look up the Suddenly Slim by Catalina suit... I have the "Shirred Halter One-Piece"... they have several different cuts and colors, but they're all a little retro and VERY flattering! Around $30-$35.



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