Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A {busy} Day in the Life of Post

I thought it was time for a day in the life of post—so here is my Tuesday! I am so out of the habit of doing this that I forgot to take pics of my breakfast and so I decided to just eliminate the food from this post.

I woke up shortly before 7:00. It takes me a little bit to wake up and be ready to take on the day, so I just laid in bed for a little while. I headed downstairs and had to smile when I found this note from hubby on the table. He leaves me a note every morning. <3


I heard baby girl talking in her room at about 7:00, which was at least an hour earlier than her usual wake up time. She just sat in there quietly hanging out—completely content.

She likes her alone time here and there. It’s kind of funny because just about every day she goes over to the door to the stairs and wants to go up to her room. I’ll put her in her crib like she’s going down for a nap and she will spend an hour up there just laying down quietly but not going to sleep. She has started to only take one nap per day now, but she still likes that second “quiet time”—which is alright by me because she usually needs it.

Anyways, she kept acting like she was going to go back to sleep so I finally decided to try to sneak downstairs without her hearing me. Hubby found a way to do so and it’s genius. If we walk with one foot on each side of the hallway the floor doesn’t squeak as much. hehehe I’m sure that we look pretty ridiculous doing it—but it works! And sure enough, she was sound asleep.

I used the time to sit down and do some writing, enjoying the muted light, breeze from the fan, and quietness. I also started drinking a big glass of water—which is something I like to do first thing in the morning because it makes my body feel good.


I actually got my shower in and got ready for the day before baby girl woke up. She slept in extra late today. When she finally woke up, we had breakfast and then got ready to leave.

Hubby was going to be working super late, so I wanted to keep busy throughout the day so that baby girl didn’t get fussy. So the was a little more “fun filled” than most days. Hubby needed to pick up some eggs from his parent’s for a coworker and he wasn’t going to be able to, so I volunteered to go get them for him.

I know his parent’s love their time with baby girl, so I asked if they wanted to spend some time with her while I went for a walk. They were thrilled. This was the first time I asked someone other than my mom to watch baby girl…and doing it didn’t make me anxious like it would have in the past. I think the fact that she’s older and has shown me her growing independence makes me feel much more comfortable with leaving her alone with someone I know and trust. She’s also at an age that’s easier for them.

Oh my goodness, I really enjoyed my walk. I was reminded of why hubby wants us to move out into the country. It is so peaceful out there. I just walked up the gravel road to the next farm and back—which hubby says is exactly a mile away (so I would have walked 2 miles total)—but my Fitbit told me I walked 1.75 miles so it’s probably off a little bit…or maybe it didn’t count steps every time I was wiping away the sweat from my face! Eek.


It was a hazy day, but hot and humid. My MIL commented that it was nice and cool out and they had their windows opened. It never ceases to amaze me how they do that. I get soooo hot and moody that hubby is more than happy to run the AC…haha. And I’m only truly comfortable when it’s set to 72!!

Here I am towards the beginning of my walk—still nice and cool from the Jeep AC… so no oceans of sweat running down my face yet.


We’ve had so much rain lately. The water in the creek was rushing along.


I was going to listen to my iPod, but I decided to listen to the peacefulness instead: the crunch of the gravel beneath my feet, birds chirping on the lines overhead, the soft whoosh of butterflies in front of me, bugs singing in the grass, and water rushing out of the fields through the tile systems. It was really beautiful.


The Iowa corn has gotten so tall and so quickly too! I guess the hot weather and rain will do that. There’s a saying that the corn will be “knee high by the 4th of July”—I would say it’s probably to my shoulders!


On the way back I was facing the hot sun and was feeling tired so I decided to listen to podcasts. I love listening to podcasts when I can—usually when I’m working around the house when baby girl is napping.

On the way back, I found these items on the side of the bridge. I was kind of fascinated by this…odd! It made me wonder where they came from, how old these pieces were, etc.


When I made it back to the in-law’s place, I could see baby girl happily exploring. When she saw me she just burst into tears! I picked her up and she wouldn’t let me put her back down. I guess when she saw me she realized I had been gone! She looked at me like I had betrayed her! Poor baby—but it is good for her. She will learn that mama will always return!

It was lunch time, so I headed to a nearby Subway for lunch. Yummy! I have to order a kid’s meal for baby girl because she literally eats the entire sandwich! This girl eats so much—but she is SO active, so I guess she has to get the energy somewhere. She’s a typical toddler though and eats in cycles—sometimes she hardly eats a thing at a meal or two.

She enjoyed waving to everyone who walked in the door and yelling out “DA DA” to every tall dark headed man that came in…lol. That always makes me feel awkward…

You can see her pretty blue eyes in this one.


After that we headed home. She doesn’t fall asleep in the car very often anymore. I have a backpack full of toys that I keep in the front seat and when she gets fussy, I hand her one at a time. I have all kinds of toys with buttons that make sounds because that’s what she likes best—oh and some books because she loves those too right now.

When we got home I put her down for a nap. She just hung out in her crib for the LONGEST time trying to avoid her nap. She was content for quite a while but then started fussing. She throws everything out of her crib and she can’t sleep unless she has her lovey and her pacifier. I had to make a few trips up to her room to retrieve everything for her. I gave her a couple of books and she eventually settled down and slept for a really long time! She really needed the nap and I wanted to make sure that she took it.

Thankfully, she woke up a happy baby! Sometimes you just never know—sometimes she goes down for a nap an angel and wakes up a little devil! haha

I was pretty tired, so I just hung out while she slept. A vacation day it was! I finally got to enjoy some coffee, I read some blogs, read my book, and got supper together. I made myself a bbq chicken pizza on a tortilla with garden fresh green beans and I made her a chicken parmesan pizza on a tortilla and she also ate some avocado. She had fun making a mess!


After supper, we played and read books. I picked up my book to read a little and so then she picked up her books and would read too. It was cute.


When it 7:00 and the pool would open up again for the evening, I pushed her in the jogging stroller and walked up there. When she saw the pool she got so excited. The water was a little cold but it didn’t stop her.

She is so brave—when I expect her to be scared, she is completely fine. I want to hold onto her hand the entire time and she’s always trying to get away from me—the second I let go, she fell down of course. She got her face in the water and it didn’t even phase her! I expected screams but nope—totally fine. I was the only one upset. lol.

She is incredibly persistent and she spotted something in the lifeguard office and so she repeatedly kept trying to go in there. Oh my goodness! Other than that, all she wanted to do was step up and down from the pool to the edge—she is obsessed with stairs of any kind.

When I was starting to get tired of keeping baby girl out of the lifeguard office, we headed home.



And then it was bath time. After that, she was all tired out and bedtime was no problemo! She was out like a light. I think she requires constant activity and action so I’m going to have to provide that for her!

I did a little maintenance with my flower pots and then decided to call it a night.

I think today proves that I am finally over this “relapse” of PPD. On bad days it’s a triumph to just take a shower. It’s so nice to feel like myself again and have lots of energy! I got over 12,000 steps!

So that was a super long post…are you still with me?! I guess I have a lot of things to say! I’ll try to do these posts every once in a while and I’ll also try to remember to take pics of my food next time!


  1. Whew, I would have been exhausted after that day! You are awesome!

  2. Oh stairs... the endless hours of enjoyment for a baby. Lol I remember those days! Has she gone through the "everything goes in the trash can" stage yet? Ha

    That creek is beautiful. My parents sold and RE purchased the same house 3 times just because every time they moved, Mom would miss the creek that ran behind it! I guess I get my crazies honestly. :)

    My son needs to be constantly busy. I tease hubby all the time that I can totally see why the public school system pushes Ritalin on so many kids. Having a class of more than one of a kid like my son and I'd be wanting to drug them all, too. LOL

    Definitely sounds like you had a productive, busy day. Yay for letting the other grandparents watch baby girl. So funny how she reacted when she saw you. Kids are stinkers!

  3. What a great day! I'm kinda jealous that she sleeps so late... mine are up by 6:30! We make them stay in their room until 7 though. Good for you for asking your in-laws to watch her so you could take a walk; you should definitely do that more often. :)

  4. Your walk looked so peaceful and baby girl is sooo cute! I love her eyes! Glad you are doing better! :)

  5. I made it to the end! No post. So happy you had a GREAT day!!!!!!! Baby girl is absolutely adorable!

  6. This was so fun to read :)



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