Monday, July 20, 2015

Back in a Routine

I am back in Iowa after spending last week in Illinois with family. I enjoyed my time out there but I am happy to be home and back into our routine again. Baby girl was so excited to be home. When it was bed time she ran down the hallway. It was pretty cute.

I didn’t post a weigh in for last Friday because I forgot to bring along my scale. I’m not so sure that I would have wanted to see the number anyways. I felt like I was in “vacation mode” the entire time I was gone and ate a lot of things that I don’t normally eat. I’m so ready to be back on track today. I will probably wait until Friday to weigh in so that I don’t get discouraged.

Exercise has been non-existent. My fitbit steps were pretty average most days though. I need to get back to that this week. I’m not sure if I should do the Couch to 5K or not…when I was doing it I started getting pain in my knees, which is what I was afraid of. I might need to hold off on that until I’m at a lower weight so I don’t end up ruining my knees from the impact.

Fitbit Flex Activity + Sleep Wristband

I plan on grocery shopping today because we don’t have much food in the house since it has been a couple of weeks since we got groceries. It will be good to stock up on fruits, veggies and healthy foods.

I guess that’s all I have to share at the moment! I have quite a bit of unpacking and laundry to get done today. Thankfully the house was pretty clean when I left so I don’t have too much to do in that area.

I’m feeling more energized again. I’m getting better at listening to my body and knowing my triggers and “signs”. When I start to see my signs, I make sure to rest and just find a quiet and peaceful place to get centered again. I’m not quite 100% over the PPD, but I am learning how to cope better and that’s super important. I just need to get back in to therapy so I can continue my progress—I haven’t been able to go in a long time.

How are your weight loss, fitness, and mental health goals coming along?


  1. Just found yours blog. Looking forward to catching up.

    I recently started wearing my Fitbit again, in hopes to get me motivated again.

  2. Vacation mode is sometimes needed - Good for you for not worrying about it and focusing on getting back on track this week. You'll do great! And definitely listen to your body. If your knee hurts, don't push it. Knee injuries (only speaking from experience) are the worst!

  3. Unpacking is the worst after a vacation! Glad you had a nice visit with your family :)



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