Monday, July 27, 2015

First Day with my Passion Planner

Today was my first day using the Passion Planner and I am happy with my productivity. I hope I can keep this up!


My plan was to wake up at 6 a.m. but when my alarm went off I just couldn’t do it. There are some days that I am naturally awake at 6 a.m. but I was especially tired today. So I slept and I felt much better when I woke up at 7:30. I was bummed that I didn’t follow my plan, but it all worked out wonderfully because I was still able to fit in everything, except writing, into my morning before baby woke up.

That means I biked for 20 minutes, took a shower, meditated, did some laundry, checked my email/blog things, and prepared breakfast. I felt so productive and that was a good feeling. I was actually just lucky that baby girl slept later than usual this morning.

There’s something about getting my shower in first thing that just changes the entire day for me. I definitely want to try to do that.

Once baby was awake, we ate breakfast and then headed off to get groceries. She was such a good girl this time and it made it significantly less stressful for me! Yay!

I got to sip on Starbucks while grocery shopping and picked up some cheap sushi to bring home for lunch.


My afternoon didn’t quite go as planned, but that’s ok. I had a conference call for a new partnership, and shortly after that baby woke up early from her nap screaming. Poor girl. She acted like she didn’t feel well. So I rocked her for quite a while…which is something that I never get to do anymore because she doesn’t usually sit still!

I had planned to take her to the pool for a little while but it was raining and with her not acting herself I didn’t want to risk it. Like I said, the afternoon was just all off, but I managed to do more laundry and prepare a good supper while also keeping baby happy as best as I could. We went outside when it wasn’t raining.

Sitting in grass

When hubby got home, we ate supper and then headed over to his parent’s to pick up sweet corn and the first garden tomatoes! So excited to try those tomorrow! Yum! One of the best parts of summer.

I made sure to straighten up the house again tonight so that things don’t just pile up and become overwhelming. I definitely want to keep that up because it’s much easier to do it regularly than after it piles up!

So that was a short summary of my day and while I’m happy with it, I feel like I’m just learning how I will be able to structure my day so that I feel productive. I know it’s not really possible to do it ALL, but I’m going to try to do the best I can.

I have four goals that I am working on, which the Passion Planner has helped me with.

  1. Get rid of “stuff”/organize and keep the house clean
  2. Take time to meditate consistently both morning and night
  3. Workout 5 days per week
  4. Writing & Blog goals

These are all small goals which lead to greater things eventually. I’m excited about this because I think I need some structure. Whenever I do anything, I always like to have a plan—so why not apply it to personal goals?

I’ve already decided that I will make a general plan for each day but fill in the details of the next day the night before. It’s kind of hard to plan everything too far in advance. I’ve found myself having to white out quite a bit!

Also, my planner looks super messy! But overall, I’m really loving this so far!

Do you use a planner?


  1. I had an Erin Condren planner - very similar layout (loved the layout), but I didn't use it consistently. I'm a list-maker but it works better for me to keep a running list on a notepad. I love planners but for some reason they end up being a waste of money for me. 😞

    Love fresh corn & tomatoes too!!!

  2. I live and breathe by my planner lol. I just buy a cheapy Mead one that kids use for school-I'll have to check out passion planners!

  3. I feel so "old fashion" when I tell others I still use a paper planner/calendar at home on my desk. ;-) I love seeing the week/month all laid out and know exactly what we all will be doing or need to be doing.

  4. I use a planner. I need to see everything out in writing. To do lists, events, I jot down thoughts. I'm going to look into the Passion Planner. It looks like something I would love!
    PS....All of your goals look like something I would be working on :)

  5. I love making lists and buying planners... I just have problems with the actual execution. I feel like I have the best intentions but rarely follow through. Or I'll follow through for like a week. I need to figure something out!

    I'm completely jealous that your baby sleeps so late. Mine are always up by 7 at the latest, but usually by 6:30. Lately, Ryan (2.5yo) has been waking up SUPER early, but he just comes and crawls in bed with me and cuddles and sleep for another 30-45 minutes; I don't mind that so much since I rarely get to cuddle with him anymore.

    Love your goals! I'm going to start making smaller, weekly goals for myself.

  6. Well!!! This post never came up in my bloglovin. Just happened to come directly to your site and see it.

    I agree about showering in the morning! It is 4 pm, and I'm just about to shower. Sad! Lol I don't use a planner but love when we have a school schedule during the school year. I have to say, especially with multiple kids, it just helps my life!!! Right now we are all off schedule. Things are messier. The kids are arguing more. We are late for stuff. No fun!

    Love that pic of Sienna. :)



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