Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Repurposing my Old Home Office into a Fitness Room

Yesterday I embarked on a mission to organize my old home office. While doing so, I decided I should really repurpose the room and make it into a fitness room since I no longer need the home office as a SAHM.

I finished it all before hubby got home and when he saw it he loved it! And so do I. All I accomplished was a very basic reorganization of the room and moving furniture and equipment around.

I will have a section of the room for the treadmill and recumbent bike.


There’s a section for weights/etc. (ignore the paper hole punch paper circles on the carpet…my vacuum cleaner broke when I tried to vacuum this!) I want to buy a stand for the weights. Any ideas on yoga mat/equipment storage?


It has a good size empty space in the center for doing yoga or an exercise DVD, and then on the other side of the room I have a stand with my old large PC monitor that I think I can hook up to my laptop to complete workout DVDs or YouTube workouts, etc. This would also be a good place for the Little One to watch a kid’s show on Netflix (when she’s old enough) while I workout on the bike or treadmill.


You can see I placed workout DVDs and various equipment pieces on the shelf.


It’s going to work out great! I have a lot of work to do yet though. The floor is wooden with carpet placed beneath the equipment. I’d like to buy foam interlocking mats for the middle section, or probably the entire room but I need to look into how those are maintained. I also want to paint the walls, get new curtains, and decorate accordingly.


It’s a very small room, but it’s the perfect size for a fitness room and there are big windows so it lets a lot of natural light in. I LOVED working in this little space when I had a 40-hr. per week job.

It’s hidden behind the stile of the door, but I have a dry erase calendar on the wall next to the pin board. I think I’ll keep the calendar there and use it to mark off days I workout. I’ll probably take the pin board down.

I never really did much with this room except buy curtains, fancy curtain rods, and a painting (which isn’t in any of these pictures, I see). We also replaced the old windows because this room got very, very cold in the winter with the old single pane wooden windows. I’ve never painted in this room and now it needs a fresh coat of paint but I’m not sure about what color! I’m also tired of the red and want something different. What color scheme do you think is best for a fitness room?

I moved my desk into another room and I look forward to creating an organized place to keep blogging, photography, and writing projects as well as organizing the mail, a place to put keys, etc. This will definitely help keep the house organized!

Any d├ęcor ideas that you have for this room? I will be searching Pinterest to start planning!


  1. Great idea! Hope you enjoy your new space.

  2. Doesn't it feel great to accomplish so much? Well Done!

  3. What an awesome idea, Alissa! I'm terrible with decorating, but I definitely think you want an energetic, fun color! That's just me, though. :)

  4. Great room! Maybe a inspirational quote on the wall? I love having a space all my own :)

  5. I love it! What a great idea. I'd go with a bright color that made me feel happy (for me, that would be a blue, almost turquoise).



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