Monday, August 10, 2015

Road Tripping

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. I was sent Blue Diamond almonds—opinions are my own.

This weekend we made our way up to Madison, WI for the night. Hubby has been perusing the internet for the perfect vehicle at the price he wanted and after quite a few short trips to local-ish dealers without having any luck on dealing, he decided to expand his search. So off to Madison we went!

I hadn’t eaten much for lunch, so I was hungry when we left. Luckily enough, I had just received some Blue Diamond almonds in the mail! Hubby and I snacked on the Blueberry flavored almonds and were both surprised at how good they tasted. We were both a little unsure about trying them but they reminded me of the taste of blueberry pie. They were delicious!

Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds

I’m not going to lie—the trip out there was a bit of disaster and I was wishing I had just stayed home. Baby girl had just woken from a nap and so she had all kinds of energy and did not want to be sitting in her car seat so she spent the majority of the trip telling us about it.

The trip was only about three hours and we had to stop about four times. One of the stops involved a diaper blow out and wardrobe change. Hubby was getting upset from the yelling coming from the backseat and so I had two unhappy campers to deal with.

Baby girl’s favorite song is The Wheels on the Bus and so I sang the song for about the last 15 minutes of the trip to keep her entertained. By the time we reached our destination the bus was carrying people, a puppy, a kitty, a parrot, a donkey, a truck, a cow, an owl, and anything else I could think of that would make an entertaining noise.

When we finally arrived, hubby discovered that he had forgotten to bring our vehicle registration so there was a brief moment of panic when we realized we may have made the long drive for nothing. After a quick consultation with Mr. Google, we learned that having your vehicle registration is not required to buy or sell a vehicle. Whew!

The good news is that we had some hotel rewards and hubby booked the room and surprised me with a King suite for almost free! It was perfect since it had a bedroom area and a living room area so baby girl could sleep in her pack-n-play in one room while we slept in the other and we could all get a good night’s sleep.

Hubby was up bright and early to clean our Jeep and go to his appointment at the dealership. Baby and I slept in and then headed to the hotel lobby for breakfast. It was crowded, all of the tables were dirty, and it all just made me feel panicky. So I grabbed our food and we went back to our room to eat it. Baby girl spilled hers all over the floor, staying in beat with the tune of the trip.

But finally everything started turning around when hubby arrived to tell us he had traded in our Jeep and purchased a new vehicle and a warranty for less than he had hoped to purchase the vehicle for. Take that, local dealers who wouldn’t budge on their prices!


It’s going to be so nice to have more room. I loved my Jeep but it got very small when baby girl joined our family!

This was promptly followed by an iced latte at Starbucks and a trip to Trader Joe’s. See? Things were turning around.

Trader Joe's

We ate an early lunch at a local place called the Pancake House. It was super yummy and our waiter was awesome. I ordered pecan pancakes and they were delicious.

By that time, baby girl was worn out and ready for a nap. She promptly fell asleep and slept until we were about an hour from home. I spent the trip reading the vehicle manual to hubby so we could learn about all of the features and how everything works. It was actually an enjoyable ride home!

For a little snack, we tried the Salted Caramel Blue Diamond almonds and were just as delighted with the flavor.


It turned out to be a good trip after all, I just wish I had taken more pictures to show you!

How was your weekend? What’s your favorite Blue Diamond Almonds flavor?


  1. The blueberry almonds look interesting, will have to see if my grocery store carries them :)

  2. Nice vehicle! Enjoy it. :) I think I've tried chocolate powder covered almonds from them before???

  3. The vehicle looks great! I hope my buying and test driving in the next months goes just as well. I love almonds ~ I haven't tried either of the flavors you mentioned but I am sure I would love them too. Actually, since I am kind of a "binger" I can't really keep them in the house because they are kind of candy like to me. ;-(

  4. I love the Salted Caramel Almonds! :) Love your new vehicle!!

  5. I love your new ride!
    I dread road trips, majorly cause as I feel very giddy and just keep popping some soda or sweets in my mouth :(

  6. Nice car! I love their Smokehouse BBQ almonds... there's another spicy flavor, Habanero something, that's really good too. I'm glad your trip turned around for the better--that's a ROUGH age to travel with. Glad you all survived! :D



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