Thursday, August 6, 2015

Things I Love Thursday

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Welcome to another edition of Things I Love Thursday!

Things I Love Thursday




source: Pinterest

I don’t think this requires an explanation. Too funny!

Produce from our garden

These are our first tomatoes from our garden this year, we’ve had a few peppers already, and these are the first blackberries that I’ve gotten to before the birds! Hubby and I cleaned the blackberries and ate them immediately—they were so juicy and sweet.


Peanut Brittle (a few bites!)


This may have been the first time I’ve eaten peanut brittle in any month other than December. But, alas, this was the best peanut brittle I’ve ever eaten—honestly! This was another goodie that Gourmet Gifter sent me to try out. The peanut brittle has been closely monitored to only be eaten occasionally and in moderation. No worries.


How They Blog Podcast


I have been listening to episodes of this podcast every chance I get. I have learned a lot about blogging and discovered new resources by listening to Kat’s wisdom and the tips from her guests. She hasn’t recorded a new episode for a long time, but her old episodes are great. I highly recommend checking it out!



Breakfast Cereals

© Marilyn Barbone via Fotolia

Cereal is pretty much my favorite food ever and I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I usually only buy cereal that has practically no sugar, like Cheerios or Rice Krispies, but somehow I slipped into a bad cereal habit! I’ve acknowledged I have a problem and that I need to change. The first step is admitting it. So Hubby and I agreed—back to our healthy cereal again. As much as I love you, my dear delicious unhealthy cereals, I will have to say goodbye.


What are you loving this Thursday?


  1. I'm not much of a cereal fan...except the bad sugary treat cereals. So good. I have to stay away from those.
    I'm gonna check out that podcast. Thanks :)

  2. I like cereal in yogurt or as an ice cream topping otherwise not too much.

  3. I've seen the Hunger Games pic floating around--I love it so much. I'm also experiencing some garden envy! We don't have a yard, nor do we have any sort of patio or balcony to have a container garden. One day it will happen!

  4. My favorite cereal is raisin bran and any store brand will do. About once a year I'll stand in the store trying to convince myself that "this time it will be different." Nope, if I give in and buy it, I eat it three or four times a day until it is gone. Sad but true.

  5. Oh boy do I love cereal too! Any kind, any time :)



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