Wednesday, September 23, 2015

On Being 30


Happy 30th birthday


I originally wanted to edit my photo so I looked really old, but my photo skills do not advance past PicMonkey (yet)—so I went with this.

Seriously though. When did I get so old?

I remember my mom being in her 30s—and she was a “mom”, you know—a grown up.

And suddenly I woke up on September 23rd of 2015 and I was instantly 30 years old—which obviously means I am a grown up now. And a mom, actually.

Yesterday, I was just a girl in my 20s—a fresh college grad with the future in front of me—

but today

well, I’m a new mom with a little bit of a history and a little more baggage and the future is still in front of me (God willing, of course).

And oh how much I have learned…

I have learned that life does not end at motherhood.

I have learned that a mother is also a woman with her own aspirations and interests.

I have learned that I’m not perfect, I’m never going to be perfect—God has grace with me and so I should have grace with myself and with others.

I have learned that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes (including me), and because of this I need to forgive.

I have learned that there is no future in the past and that I must look ahead instead of behind me.

I have learned that people (including myself) change for the good, and so I should never give up on anyone (including myself).

I have learned that everyone is fighting a battle of some kind, and so I know to treat others with kindness so as not to add to their battles but to encourage them on to victory.

I have learned how to accept another’s infinite love without doubt, and because of this I have increased my faith.

I have learned that the important things in life cannot be purchased, and so I invest in family and humbly thank God for my provisions.

I have learned that I will never stop learning, there’s always another lesson ahead.

And also,

I have learned that I really, really, really like coffee.

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