Friday, September 25, 2015

Weigh in day, etc.

A Journey to Thin's Weekly Weigh In

I had to weigh in yesterday which was a day early. This was a day after my birthday and I ate some foods that I wouldn’t normally eat! Other than that, I had a good week.

I did gain .3 of a lb. but I am sure that was due to eating salty food for supper on Wednesday night. I’m sure I would have had a loss otherwise and that’s encouraging!!

I’m really proud of myself and how well I have been doing lately (except for the birthday eats). I will be out and about this weekend though and I’m hoping I don’t lose all willpower and go over board. I will be doing lots of walking though, so that will help.

On another note, I have been feeling very good the past few days. I started a higher dose of Wellbutrin and I don’t know if it’s that or what, but I am feeling so much more like myself—and a calmer version of myself, actually.

I know I’ve had some anxiety issues all of my life and I probably should have gotten help before! I just didn’t know how bad I really was.

So fingers crossed that I’m making progress on this road to postpartum depression recovery! I just feel happy and more fulfilled.

This blog has been a lifesaver for me because it gives me an outlet to write. You’ve surely noticed more sponsored posts lately and I hope you’re ok with that. It helps me feel more fulfilled to have assignments with deadlines where I can earn a little money to help pay the bills & put my mind to work writing. Not to mention, I am able to purchase more fun blog stuff and am planning some fun giveaways in the future!!

This past week there have been quite a few of these posts and that won’t happen on a normal week—it just seemed that my pitches were selected for articles due all in the same week! My goal is to accept opportunities that I think I can write an article for that fits my personality or may be of use to you, my lovely readers. But ultimately, I don’t want to lose sight of my true goal—which is to write my heart out.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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