Friday, September 11, 2015

Weigh in Day

A Journey to Thin's Weekly Weigh In


Here I am again sitting down to write about how I couldn’t get it together again!

This past week had its ups and downs and ultimately I did not keep tracking my points. Again.

I gained .6 this week for a total weight loss of 6.1 lbs.

I’m not 100% sure if I will continue Simply Filling or just go back to counting points this week. Attempting to follow Simply Filling this past week did make me more mindful of the quality of the food I was eating, so that was good for me.

Today hubby texted me and told me that I was awesome, smart, lovable, kind, and sexy (ha). It made me smile but I immediately thought, “but I’m not skinny”. Wow. Hubby thinks I have all of these other qualities but I discount every single one of them because I’m not skinny. That’s pretty messed up. Why do I place so much value on my weight?

Hubby and I both made a promise to each other last night that we would put our all into trying to lose weight this week. I know if we work together we can do this…but we both seem to be giving up too easily lately! We’ll give it another go this week.

This weekend’s forecast is fabulously beautiful—high’s in the 60s and sunny. That’s my kind of weather! I want to get out for some walks this weekend since it’s not unbearably hot.

We don’t have any big plans this weekend and I’m sure we’ll be home for the majority of it since baby girl isn’t feeling well. I’m thinking I might be able to go out and get groceries by myself—which I will enjoy.

I’m also planning to repaint the area where I put my desk…and possibly paint my desk. I want to go with a very neutral color like gray or tan. I’m thinking a light gray. I want the style to be shabby chic. Any ideas on products you’ve seen or style ideas?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I've never tried Simply Filling, but I don't think it would work for me--I think I enjoy way too many non-Simply Fillings foods for it to be effective! If nothing else, it was worth giving something else a try, and you still found something positive in it by become more aware of the quality of food you're eating. And yeah, it is pretty messed up to discount all those wonderful adjectives because of the one thing you don't think you are... but you're working on that, and you recognized that it was a "messed up" way of thinking. So, in my completely unqualified and unprofessional opinion, that's progress! :) P.S. I love the new weigh in day image! The mantras are perfect!

  2. I met my husband just after I lost 70 pounds on WW that took me about 15 months to lose. By the time we got married six months later I was up 25 pounds because we ate out, drank beer - basically had fun. But he told me I was beautiful. That if I wanted to lose weight it was because I wanted it and not because he wanted me to. Sounds like your hubs is awesome! :D

  3. When you and your mind is ready YOU will be be REALLY into losing. Maybe you just need to focus on your mind. Feeling better overall and release the focus on food for awhile.

    At my cycle class (at the Y) this morning the instructor likes to give "final thoughts" to think about until we meet again. Today she said to use a 8 or 9 inch plate when eating meals. (Nowadays our plates are 12 or 15 inches) Fill the plate with your food ~ protein, veggies, fruit....once you eat what is on the plate and drank a big glass of water ...stop eating. IF and only IF you think you are REALLY still hungry and want more....

    ...first WAIT 20 minutes...clean the kitchen or do something else and after the 20 minutes is up if you are truly hungry then have more veggies. Good thoughts. Maybe its worth a try?

    Sounds like a fun weekend of painting...

  4. Thank God for great hubbies! Mine is awesome like that, too. I have a friend who gained like 15 pounds and her husband is not even wanting to be intimate with her because he thinks it's unattractive! Omgoodness! I'm sure he's glad I'm not his wife, but I'm equally glad he's not my husband. LOL

  5. Here's to those husbands that love you for who you are not what size you are :) <3



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