Friday, October 30, 2015

Weigh in Day: I actually weighed this time!

A Journey to Thin's Weekly Weigh In


This week wasn’t a good one as far as my eating was concerned. I stopped tracking again. I am wasting so much time—if I just stayed on track I’d probably have lost 30 lbs. by now.

But there’s more to this than willpower. After all, I have been fat since I was about 7 years old—I think there’s some work that needs to be done so I can make the habits stick.

I made the mistake of buying Halloween candy on Wednesday and I just want to eat it! I did buy one big bag of candy that I don’t care for—but those Reese’s snack size pumpkins won’t stop calling my name!

Can I play the hormones card?

However, I did lose 1.9 lbs.—keep him mind that this is over the course of three weeks. I guess it’s not horrible if you think about my goal being to lose 1 lb. per week. But a loss is a loss and it’s better than a gain any day.

This Week
Last Week
Weekly Points Used:
Activity Points Earned:
Activity Points Used:
Total Steps:
Weight Loss this Week:
1.9 lbs.
Total Weight Loss:
-4.1 lbs.

The horror of only having lost 4.1 lbs. since April. Sigh.

In other news, I’ve been working on “me” a little bit. I am using my Gwynnie Bee subscription to try to go outside of my comfort zone a bit.

I’ve been trying the leggings with a dress/tunic look. When I say “go outside of my comfort zone”, I really do mean that my comfort zone is quite boxy and restrictive and most people probably dress like this all of the time and call it a comfy outfit.

I have had zero confidence for most of my life. But I’m putting forth the effort to try to dress in ways that I want to dress but have felt too embarrassed to because of my weight.

That being said, I tried out this Lucie Lu Sativa Dress in Aztec Print and paired it with black leggings, a black Old Navy cardigan, and Madden Girl Black Macramé Portia C Moccasins (Amazon affiliate link)—the shoes are SUPER comfy by the way. I just wore what I had.

I’m obviously no fashion maven, but I felt cute in this outfit while wearing it. When I looked in the mirror though, not so much—I felt like I looked about 7 months pregnant and decided “whatever” and wore it anyways.

Please excuse the mess on the floor in the picture—I wasn’t planning on posting these pictures! Also, my mirror is ancient and has an un-washable fog, hence, the pictures are horrible quality.

Lucie Lu Aztec print dress from Gwynnie Bee

I’m considering buying this dress since it’s fairly affordable and it’s really comfy—but I’m not sure I can get over how I feel like I look huge in this dress….decisions, decisions.

I’m loving the Aztec prints right now. My mom bought me this super cute sweater in the Aztec print that is black and white—I love it.

That’s all for now! Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!

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