Monday, November 16, 2015

Weigh in Day: 1st Week on Isagenix

If you missed my post where I announced my new plan, be sure to check it out here. I became an associate to save money on the products.

Today marks one week since my husband and I have been following the Isagenix plan.



I am very happy with my progress so far. As always, the weekends kind of mix things up a bit and both my hubby and I gained a tiny bit (.3 for me). I think it was because I didn’t drink as much water. We also ate a meal at the in-law's.


Here are the details from week one:

Weight Lost:

9.2 lbs.

Inches Lost:

12 1/4”

Pretty amazing! I feel great too. It’s inspiring to see the scale move and to see a new number in the 10’s place. I’m awful close to getting that pedicure for losing my first 10 lbs. on the plan!

I lost the most inches from my chest and abdomen. No big surprise there! I always have to start losing the weight where I really don’t need to first—isn’t that the way it works?

I’m not going to complain about having a smaller chest though…just sayin’.


Thoughts about week one:

I was surprised at how quickly the sweets cravings disappeared.

I have felt more energy while on this plan. I’m also sleeping better, which probably helps too.

Sometimes I get really hungry but this is a somewhat new feeling for me because it seems like I usually just eat whether I’m hungry or not. It’s good to get in tune with my body again.

I think the Ionix Supreme is disgusting, but hubby thinks it’s the most delicious thing ever.

It has been such a relief to not have to think about food—this makes me realize how much of a problem food is for me and indicative of my disordered eating. I have experienced lower levels of stress. It’s quite odd.

Our first Cleanse Day went surprisingly well. I had planned to go to the store that day but changed my mind when I realized how much I had to pee!

My favorite IsaLean bar so far is the Chocolate Peanut Crunch. I enjoy this as a meal or 1/2 as an afternoon snack with my coffee. It’s really satisfying.

My favorite IsaLean shake is the Creamy Dutch Chocolate. I added 1/2 a banana this morning and it was yummy.

The Kosher Natural Creamy Vanilla seems to cause me some tummy troubles—like bubbles coming up. Kind of weird. That makes me sad because this afternoon I tried the vanilla with one pack of Orange Replenish and it tasted so so good.


Wrapping it up:

I’m a little nervous about Thanksgiving next week! My sister has already told me she is going to support me and do this with me. On Thanksgiving Day, I’ll probably just eat my meal at lunch time and shakes for breakfast and supper. Otherwise, I’ll work at getting in extra activity next week.

Plus, don’t forget the Thankful Journey 5K—we can all burn a few extra calories.

Thankful Journey 5K 2015 November 20-29 Lots of Prizes 

How was your weekend? Do you have a plan for how to keep on track over the Thanksgiving holiday?

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