Monday, November 23, 2015

Weigh in Day: Week 2 on Isagenix

Weigh in Day with A Journey to Thin


I had another good week. As expected, the weight loss was smaller this week—but I am also losing inches so that is exciting.

I lost 2.9 lbs. this week and a little over 6”.

Total weight lost: 12.1 lbs.

Total inches lost: 19”

I am happy with this progress! I’m doing my best to stay on track this week with the holiday. So far so good.

I am 15 days in and there are 15 more to go for the 30 Day System. I will post progress pictures at the 30 day mark. It will be fun to compare!

I would have loved to have lost another 9 lb. this week, but I know it won’t come off that fast. If I lost 3 lbs. per week, I’d be down 12 lbs. in a month and I’d be happy to have lost 24 lbs.! I just have to keep things in perspective.

I’m happy that I’m not having any major cravings and it has been relatively easy to stick to the plan. I’ve had a few stressful moments where my first thought was “I want to stuff my face with food”, but I worked through it and did just fine.

As I’ve said before, it’s just nice not to have to think about food. You can see more about Isagenix here.


How did you do this week?

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