Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Day in the Life of… Me

It’s Wednesday hump day and we’re half way through the week! Even though I’m a SAHM now, I still look forward to the weekends. I guess it’s because hubby is home and weekends are just more fun.

I woke up not feeling the greatest this morning—it actually started last night. I’m wondering if some PB2 I bought is bad. It didn’t smell right but then I thought maybe I was just imagining it and ate some anyways. I bought two containers and opened the other this morning and it smelled bad too.

I had another loss on the scale this morning! That’s two days in a row of reaching new lows on the scale—you’ve gotta love that!

I got myself out of bed before Little Miss Sunshine started stirring. If she’s not in a deep sleep she will wake up when I walk by her room and is usually fussy all morning when that happens.

Success! I made it downstairs to get a little work done.


I took a little time to try to catch up on some blogs. I am so far behind. I hardly even made a dent in the amount of blog posts I need to read yet. Sorry everyone!

It wasn’t long until LMS was awake. She’s so funny—she had to bring down every single comfort toy she had in her bedroom.


Yes, that is an owl towel. She just took to this towel and so we use it like a blanket.

We usually eat breakfast first thing after she wakes up. She’s usually pretty impatient.


Since I wasn’t feeling the greatest, I just ate a protein bar. And then sipped on a cup of tea. I still have a stash of my favorite tea that’s no longer sold!


After breakfast is play time. I’m not liking this toy storage system one bit. It looks messy and cluttered. We’ll use it until I find something else for the right price and then sell it.


Here’s my dream toy storage system from Pottery Barn Kids.

Cameron Low Storage System with Drawer Bases

It’s on sale for $1,249…which I suppose isn’t a terrible deal for high quality furniture, but it’s just not in our budget.

I’m also loving this one, which is $599. That’s more along the lines of something I could save for, but I’m not sure sure I’d want to spend that much on playroom furniture. I bet it wouldn’t be hard to make out of wood pallets.

Crate Storage Medium, Weathered Gray

LMS played Peek’a’boo presents on my iPad while I did some reading. If you have little ones, definitely check out the Peek’a’boo apps by Night & Day Studios. She LOVES them.


And then we were going to do some coloring. I set her up with her crayons and paper and left the room to use the bathroom. This is what I found when I came back.


That’s black pen in the shape of a mustache. She grabbed it from my desk. The bad thing is that I have no idea where she put it so we could have a repeat of this any day.

Thankfully I was able to wash it off with a little soap and water.

My new eating routine includes a mid-morning snack. Today I have 3/4 oz. of cashews. Delish!


After that, we just lounged around for quite a while. I wanted to go run some errands and buy hubby a birthday present but I just felt sick so decided to stay home and take it easy.

We played and looked at books. She wanted to watch Elmo, so she did that and I used it as an opportunity to do some training for my new endeavor.

After lunch we spent some time in the porch because it was super nice outside today—like in the 50s….in December. Wow. I wish I was feeling better and up to venturing outside of the house. I would have gone for a walk with LMS in the stroller! When I feel like this I just want to hide away from the world.

We had some fun deliveries today! This morning we got our supplies for the next 15 days of our eating plan—that’s always fun! A little later another shipment came with some products I received in exchange for another product I bought for my mom that she didn’t like.

The exciting shipment was the new table for the playroom area that I’m working on. Hubby’s parents wanted to buy her a little table to go with a chair they painted and gave her when she was born.

We picked out the small Carolina table from Pottery Barn Kids. It’s really nice and sturdy. Plus, you can purchase taller legs to switch out as she grows.

Of course she had to help me set it up.


LMS thinks she’s pretty big stuff with her own little table.


I plan on saving my money to buy PBK chairs in various colors to go with it.

The room is coming together. I’m really anxious to find a curtain rod that I like so I can get my curtains hung! I’ve had them since October. I got two panels on clearance for only $25 total at Kirkland’s.

In the afternoon, we had a little snack. I had 100 calorie Jolly Time Kettle Corn. I really wanted to eat crackers or something like it—but I felt like this was a better alternative.

I could feel my “emotional” eating habits kicking in today. I didn’t feel well and my response is usually to stuff my face with carbs. Why? IDK. Comfort maybe? I only ate a couple mini-PB crackers, so I’ll call that a win.

I drank a sports drink and that helped me feel a little better and more hydrated…even though I had been drinking all day long. There’s something about the stuff that just makes me feel better. Electrolytes maybe?

LMS didn’t want to take a nap today, but it didn’t take long for her to settle down and fall asleep once she was in her crib. We’re counting the days that we get to use her crib because she has been attempting to climb out for the past couple of months but hasn’t taken the “plunge” yet.

While she was napping, I sipped on a cup of coffee with vanilla caramel creamer. Nope, I’m still not giving up my creamer. It’s the love of my life. It’s always fun to get out the holiday cups.


Moms, do you have that one part of the day that you just enjoy immensely? For example, when the kids are down for a nap and you brew that cup of coffee and get to sit down in peace and drink it? My new therapist and I were talking about this and she said when she had kids that she felt that way about a diet Pepsi. It’s the little things!

On another note, I want to start potty training her soon. I wanted to wait to buy the supplies but then when I think about it, it’s either that or diapers and diapers are expensive too—but you also have to keep restocking them! So I suppose I should just make the purchase. I’ve already picked out the potty that I think will motivate her the best since she loves music. I’m just a little scared to try…ha!

Recently a friend commented that it seemed like I have really beaten postpartum depression lately. And I think that’s a fact. I am feeling better than I have felt in years, actually. (except for the stomach issues today…lol) But I cannot tell you how happy I am to be happy again, to feel inspired and hopeful. It really does get better.

I know the day isn’t quite over yet but I’m going to wrap up this post. We plan on eating breakfast for supper: omelets and possibly Ezekiel toast or oatmeal. Yummy!

I hope you’ve had a great Wednesday!

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