Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Little Victories: I’ve Reached a Milestone

Do you remember your weight from certain times of your life? For example, how much you weighed in high school, when you met your spouse, when you got married, etc. If you’ve struggled with your weight, chances are you know exactly what I’m talking about. These events make great milestones along the weight loss journey.

This morning I met the first milestone that I set as a goal. I reached the weight that I was immediately after Little Miss Sunshine was born! I’ve lost 21.4 lbs.

That’s the amount of weight that I gained with postpartum depression. That’s a lot of weight, huh? It just kept coming on and I felt so helpless to make it stop. Plus, I was already feeling horrible from having gained so much during pregnancy. So this is a victory for me!

Meeting this milestone makes me feel like I’m finally putting PPD behind me. Instead of being in the midst of the horrible storm that is depression, it’s only something that’s in my rear view mirror. There’s sunshine and a clear sky ahead!

In the last while I have felt like my life is transforming. I have a lot of hope and positivity about life again. I haven’t felt this good in years. I’m so grateful that I made it through that battle, only with the help of God, my family, and medical/psyciatric professionals. I wouldn’t wish the experience on an enemy!

My next milestone will be the weight I was when I got pregnant—but that will be a while because it’s a pretty big chunk of weight! But I’ll get there…and beyond!

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