Monday, December 28, 2015

Post Christmas Weigh In

Weigh in Day with A Journey to Thin

Are you feeling bloated and addicted to sugar this morning? Christmas vacacation can quickly take its toll on the body—that’s for sure!

Once again, I had my good moments and my bad moments over the last week. Probably more bad moments than I’ve had for quite a while. I am learning how much foods affect the body—almost like chemical responses to foods which can cause cravings, sluggishness, and even just feeling down. It’s pretty amazing and it makes me want to feed my body with food that will help me feel my best physically and emotionally.

I was feeling very tired and down and I realized that I had been feeling that way since starting to use a stevia/erythitol sweetener blend. I quit using it and what do you know, I am feeling good again. That’s really strange and I wonder if it’s truly connected or a coincidence. The crazy thing is that when I felt my worst with PPD, I was using this product daily. Eek! Kind of scary. Stevia by itself doesn’t seem to bother me.

Anyways, I gained 2.9 lbs. this week. Bummer—but totally understandable with how I ate some days. It’s back to it 100% today and tomorrow hubby and I will do a nutritional cleanse—those always really help with my cravings and feels like I’m giving my body a reset.

I will be glad to to get January 1st so there won’t be any big holidays or events until Valentine’s Day. That should make it easier to make some good progress again!

Speaking of January 1st, I’m really excited to be embarking on a New Years Solution with a team of inspiring people. I will be participating in a program that will help me have a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. I’m looking forward to getting started and I know I will learn so much along the way! Let me know if you want to join me!

Have you stepped on the scale since Christmas? How are you doing?

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