Thursday, December 24, 2015

'Twas the Night Before Weigh In

'Twas the night before weigh in, when all through the house
Everyone was eating, except for myself;
Cookies were frosted by the baker with care,
In hopes that family would be there to share;
They sat around the table eating, each one unashamed;
while visions of cupcakes and chocolates came;
They in their skinny jeans, and I in my sweats,
Had just finished shopping for a stylish wardrobe;
When someone suggested a hot pizza be ordered.
My stomach growled and my mouth salivated.
Away to the phone I skipped and I skated,
Calling the nearest Dominoes that I had on speed dial.
"Canadian bacon and pineapple" I recited with style,
As my stomach kept growling all the while.
And then I remembered at the very last second,
That tomorrow was weigh in e'en though pizza did beckon,
With a little disappointment and an apology quick.
I knew in a moment that to my diet I must stick.
Back to the skinny ones I lumbered along,
proud of myself for being mindful and strong:
"No pizza! No Cookies! No cupcakes or fudge!"
No crackers with cheese or my weight would not budge.
To the next notch on my belt! To Onederland!
I'd be there soon if I can firmly stand.
To all who are dieting with a goal firmly in sight,
I wish you the best, enjoy what you can and savor each bite!

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