Monday, December 21, 2015

Weigh in Day

Weigh in Day with A Journey to Thin

This past week wasn’t a typical week for me. I was away for a day and a half, traveling and spending hours at the hospital for my mom’s surgery (everything went great, BTW!) Also, hormones. Overall, I’m ok with how I did but I wasn’t as strict as usual.

Specifically, I ate out at Red Lobster with my mom—I ordered the 4 course meal because I was craving clam chowder and it was cheaper to order this way. I ate 1-2 (can’t remember!) rolls, salad, part of a baked potato, broccoli, and then the brownie dessert. Most of the food was good for me, so I’d say that was a 50/50 meal! The rest of that day was on track.

The next day, I enjoyed a regular latte and cookie with my dad while waiting during my mom’s surgery. And then on my way home I had another regular latte and a rice krispy bar. So that was a little more indulgent, but not terrible since the rest of the day was on track.

The weekend went great. On Saturday night, I did have a non-fat hot cocoa at Starbucks because it was freezing cold outside. I really enjoyed it, but it wasn’t planned.

So basically, I just wasn’t as strict this past week and I want to work on that so I don’t start slipping backwards. What I love about this program is that I find it so easy to get it back together. I have days when maybe I make a choice or two that aren’t the greatest, but it doesn’t cause me to completely fall off the wagon. It’s so easy to just keep going. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I will think about it and share when I figure it out. I have a few ideas.

My weight has stayed relatively the same and that has made me very happy. However, this morning I gained .2 of a pound. I’m confident I will see losses again this week.

I’m starting to think about what I want to do to take this journey to the next level. I’m considering getting a membership at Planet Fitness. They offer free fitness training, and so many more benefits. I will wait until the new year to see if they have any great deals. I just wish they had child care! Overall, it would make more sense to get a membership with free fitness training that it would to pay about the same for a few weeks with a personal trainer and nothing else.

By the way, there is free shipping TODAY ONLY if you are interested in joining me on the journey! I can set you up for wholesale pricing too. If you’re interested, shoot me an email to

How did your week go? Did you see a gain or a loss on the scale?

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