Thursday, December 17, 2015

What's Happening Pictures

Last weekend, hubby and I went on a date night to celebrate his birthday. This was the first time we've been able to go out in a very long time. We definitely need to start doing this again!

We went to a Japanese steakhouse and it was so delicious. Once again, the chef made a comment about me being quiet. Every.Single.Time. I'm talking away to hubby and everything so I'm not really sure what that's about? Maybe they just can't hear me and they think I'm talking about them. Ha

After that, we ran a few errands-- what everyone does on an exciting date night, right? We stopped at a cupcake shop and I ate a super rich chocolate cupcake while hubby had a smoothie. It wasn't the healthy kind of smoothie, so he wasn't being all healthy while I ate my cupcake-- in case you were wondering.

I gave him his birthday presents on Monday, which was his birthday. He told me he wanted Iowa Hawkeye gear, so that's what I bought him. Little Miss Sunshine gave him a Starbucks gift card. ;)

Speaking of LMS, it seems like she has taken another leap in development over the past week. I am amazed at how much she understands. She can follow directions (when she wants to), and makes correlations that show there is a lot of thinking going on in her little brain.

She has started to be very affectionate with lots of hugs and kisses. She really knows how to turn on the charm when she knows she's being naughty and we're starting to lose our patience.

I caught her walking around the house in one of my shoes. It was pretty cute.

She especially likes to stack up blocks, Tupperware containers, bottles of shampoo, or anything she pulls out of the cupboards. We like to play Legos, yep--I have fun with it too!

I assembled her new table last week and she will sit there every once in a while. Mostly, she likes to drag her chair with her and use it to climb up and get the things she can't reach, especially all of the things on my desk.

Not a lot of exciting things going on this week! Well, except that I found a live moth in a bag of fresh, washed, and ready Spinach! I called customer service and they're sending me a $5 gift card.

I know it's produce and it grows outside where there are bugs and all, but I don't want to find bugs in my "washed and ready" produce! I'm kind of wondering how that even happened! Yuck!

What has been happening with you this week? 

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