Thursday, January 21, 2016

A New Identity

Who do you want to be?

I don’t mean a specific person, but what qualities would you like to pocess? Do you want to be a runner? A fit mom? A business owner?

I have been participating in an online program which is helping me with the thought processes involved in real change. I would say the most important part of change, specifically with weight loss and forming health habits, is getting your mind in the game and truly believing that you can achieve what you have set out to achieve.

A New Identity

This program has gotten me thinking about who I want to be and what I want to accomplish. I have learned that in order to become who I want to be, I have to create a new self-identity and truly believe in it. This requires a huge shift in my thought process.

For example, I have sub-consciously conditioned my mind to believe certain things about myself and it has formed my identity. I have believed that I am not athletic, that food has control over me, that I will fail at weight loss, that I’m not good at making friends, that people don’t like me, that everyone is out to hurt me and lie to me, etc. etc.

I’m listing the negative beliefs that I have about myself, but there are positive ones too—like believing that I am a good writer, that I am kind, and that I am smart. I don’t list these things in a boastful manner, but it’s good to have positive beliefs about ourselves.

All of these qualities (or lack of) make up who I believe I am as a person and form my self-identity. This is who I subconsciously believe I am and so my beliefs influence all of my actions and in turn determine my results. These beliefs are not random, but are a result of life experiences—I have been conditioned (by life experiences) to believe that this is my identity. And so have you, in your own unique way.

But what if I told you that you can re-wire your brain and form a new identity? You can.

And this is what I’m currently working on. If I keep believing that I am the overweight and awkward person that I feel that I am, I will always be that person. But I can believe in myself more. I can believe that I am becoming the person who I want to be. And in turn, my thoughts will influence my actions and that will form my new self-identity.

So who do I want to be? Confident, physically fit, active/athletic, a triathlete, a virtuous woman, a friend to all, a fun/active mother & wife, someone who cooks healthy foods for her family, self-employed, a successful writer, someone who doesn’t depend on the opinions of others to determine self-worth, fashionable, a life-long learner, etc. etc.

To become this person, I will need to believe first and then take action. I can’t be physically fit if I don’t workout. I can’t be a friend to all if I don’t go out of my comfort zone to make friends and talk to others.

So this is my goal and something I am working to accomplish!

Who do you believe you are? How can you change your self-identity?

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