Monday, January 4, 2016

First Weigh in of 2016

Weigh in Day with A Journey to Thin

The month of December was pretty out of whack as far as eating is concerned. With hubby’s birthday, a getaway, and the holidays, I didn’t eat as well as I would have under normal circumstances. As I’ve said before, I had good moments and bad moments. I am so happy to be moving forward again with no more distractions! It’s all downward on the scale from here!

Despite having a rough week where I indulged a little more than I should have, I still managed to lose 2.9 lbs. for the week. Remember, last week I had a gain so I am still recovering from that! The good news is that I’m only 1.5 lbs. from my lowest! I might even be there by tomorrow.

This is also the first weigh in of the month so it’s time to check in with the progress I made for the month of December. Even with the bumps in the road, I still managed to lose a very healthy 6 lbs.! That’s a total of 20.5 pounds lost total. Yippee!

You want to know the best part about all of this?

I have hope again. Hope that I won’t always have to be overweight. Hope that I can feel good both mentally and physically. Hope that I am finally figuring out why I have struggled with weight problems for so long and struggled terribly to lose any weight—from a scientific perspective. It’s all starting to make sense now. HOPE—now that I know the “whys”, I’ve also found my “how” in how to reach my goals.

Right now I just want to shout it from the roof tops! I truly believe that I’ve found my answer.

I can’t wait to see what my weigh in is next week! I have plans to take everything up a notch this week, starting with a nutritional cleanse day today.

Are you fired up to meet your goals in 2016? Tell me about your progress so far!

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