Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Being Honest With Myself About Why I’m Not Losing Weight

My weight has stayed within a range of 4 lbs. since the beginning of February. My weight goes up and it goes down, but it has stayed within 4 lbs.

I’m glad that my weight has not fluctuated upwards to the tune of 10 lbs. or anything, but I do want to continue losing weight. So while being able to maintain my weight is fabulous, it’s not my goal right now.

The graph below shows my weigh-ins since December, with the vertical line indicating the beginning of February. You can see how my weight has stabilized instead of continuing the downward tend.

It’s time to take a hard look at my habits over the past few weeks because I know that my lack of weight loss is a direct result of my lack of effort.

So here is my list of habits and behaviors that have to stop in order for me to continue to lose weight and achieve my health & fitness goals.

  • Night time snacking: I’ve gotten back into that horrible habit of snacking in the evening—sometimes whether I’m hungry or not. When I was doing my best, I did not snack in the evening.
  • Lack of exercise: I have a perfectly reasonable explanation for my lack of exercise (being sick multiple times), so I’m not really getting down on myself about this one— I’m Simply noting that I was getting to the gym when I was doing my best. 
  • Slacking on H2O intake: Yep, that’s right. I have been drinking water, but certainly not in the amounts that I was before.
  • Indulging too much: We have purchased pints of ice cream a couple of times and bringing ice cream into the house is just not a good idea. In the last few weeks I have had a cupcake, a Starbucks chocolate chunk cookie, and a caramel Cadbury egg. That’s definitely not going to help me lose weight.
  • Eating out: When hubby and I were making the most progress, we rarely ate out. We were all about cooking that healthy meal at home—and really enjoying it!
  • Not cooking enough: This goes hand-in-hand with the last one, but I have been slacking on the cooking. I’ve been doing whatever is easy and convenient instead of really planning meals with a variety of healthy foods. The meals aren’t necessarily bad for us, but they’re getting dull and it’s never a good thing to get bored with your food when you’re trying to lose weight.
  • Lack of blogging & reading blogs: I’ve been busy! But I also know that I am able to stay more focused on my goals when I am following the weight loss journeys of other bloggers. I also do a lot better when I’m honest with myself (like I am being right now) and blog about what’s going on in my head.

Getting this all out “on paper” helps me put it all into perspective. These are all things that can easily be fixed with a conscious effort. If I get it together right now, there’s a chance that I could still log a loss for the month of February. That’s my goal!

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