Friday, March 4, 2016

Weigh in Day (Almost there!)

I’m happy to report that I lost .6 lb. this morning! It might not seem like much, but I’m only .5 from my lowest weight and I entered into a new 10s digit! Whoohoo!

I’ve lost a total of 27.4 lbs. now. 30 lb. goal, here I come!!

As far as my 10 lb. rewards, I still haven’t gotten that facial for losing 20 lbs.! I might have to change it up and get a new pair of workout shoes instead because I could use them. Also, I’m nervous about getting a facial, which is probably why I haven’t done it yet!

Last weekend, I didn’t stay on track very well…quite a few indulgences! But this week, I chatted on the phone about my struggles with my mentor. It was a good pep talk and I feel like it helped me get my head back in the game in a more realistic way. I love the support that I get from my team—better than any diet I have ever done, hands down!

I’m with my mom this week so that helps tremendously since she’s following the program too. She looks incredible and has already seen improvements in her health. That’s pretty awesome.

I took this selfie the other day and it made me realize that I am doing well despite my struggles to get my head in the game! I can see the health & happiness in my face.

What a good feeling!

How was your week?

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