Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Learning the Wilton Method

When I had to spend a fortune on cupcakes for Little Miss Sunshine's second birthday, I decided I really should learn to decorate cakes on my own considering there will be quite a few birthdays in the future! 

Not long after, a Wilton Methods course opened up near me and I signed up right away. I've taken three classes now, which are just sampler classes but I will be signing up for the complete courses later on. 

It has been a lot of fun! I didn't realize how easy it is to decorate a cake when you have the right tools. 

The first week, we learned some of the basics and decorated cupcakes. Towards the end, I was just using up frosting, so that's why some of them look a little messy!

The second week, we decorated cookies. It was an animal print theme.

The third class was my favorite so far. We made Picnic Pals cupcakes. I think they turned out so cute!

I decided to use Father's Day as an excuse to practice a little bit. I made hubby Hawkeye cupcakes.

He loved them! 

I also made a few pink cupcakes.

So much fun! Now I just need another occasion to bake cake for! Since I am trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, it's not like I can just make any excuse to bake! 

It has been so much fun going out of my comfort zone, learning new things, and meeting people. 

Have you ever taken a cake decorating class?

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