Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Best Trampoline is the Safest Trampoline

If you’ve been following the papers and news outlets, you’ve likely heard that trampoline injuries are on the rise. In fact, in the last 10 years, trampoline-related hospital visits have nearly doubled in the US. The even more frightening fact is that over 90% of those injuries were dealt to children younger than 16. 

Aside from broken bones, the most common injuries range from cuts and sprains to traumatic brain injuries, and most injuries also occur when there is more than one person using the trampoline. Unfortunately, there are very few regulations in the trampoline industry, and 99% of companies are happy to slap together a rigid frame, some flimsy pads, and some springs — all without a care in the world for safety.

Many parents are torn over protecting their children while also allowing them to play on a popular backyard staple for exercise and fun, but one Australian father decided that trampolines and safety standards didn’t have to be mutually exclusive. He set out to revolutionize a new, safety-first design that put quality manufacturing first. Dr. Keith Alexander, a father and mechanical engineer, decided to redesign the trampoline from the ground up to ensure that his daughter could enjoy the thrills of outdoor bouncing without the spills.

He set out to eliminate 90% of the preventable injuries caused annually by trampolines, and accomplished this goal with some major modifications. The first major change was to remove springs completely — thereby eliminating the chance for children to pinch or tear their skin or hair. Traditional metal springs are often just inches from the jumpers' area which jeopardizes their safety, but Dr. Alexander’s new design replaced these dangerous coils with flexible carbon rods that are ingeniously placed below the jumping surface, totally hidden away from bouncers. 

The frame has also been moved below the bouncing mat so that no child can come into contact with it, further reducing the chance of injury. The SoftEdge mat is just that — it has no hard frame or edge. Instead, the mat ends where the patented FlexiNet begins, creating 360 degrees of safe bouncing. 

Traditional rigid steel poles have been replaced by flexible composite rods that cushion and absorb the weight of bouncers to gently nudge them back into bounds. These SoftEdgemats are also over 30 times more shock absorbent than traditional trampoline pads and they come in all shapes from the jumbo square to the larger circular shapes, allowing you to customize the size of your trampoline jumping surface.

Springfree Trampoline and its founder have set the new standard in safety and their designs have been recognized by numerous awards. They have won many safety-related honors, including the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, the International Design Award and the USA Family Choice Award. Their equipment is rigorously tested in-facility to ensure the highest standards in manufacturing quality, and square trampoline at Springfree Trampoline is guaranteed to withstand the harsh American elements — in fact, you can leave yours out all year round, without any equipment depreciation.

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