Monday, July 11, 2016

Who loves Thirty-One bags?

I have decided to become a consultant for Thirty-One bags! I'm really excited to add this to my business ventures.

Would anyone be interested in hosting an online party? These are traditionally held on Facebook, but we can always work it out other ways too! This would really help me get off to a good start and I would so appreciate it! Just leave a comment on send me a note.

There are some great hostess specials too, including some involving backpacks. If you're ready to get started with back to school shopping, check out these backpacks, which are available in a variety of prints. I love this one.

Thirty-One sells more than just bags. They have these super cute pillows, for example.

Anyways, I'd greatly appreciate anyone who is interested in hosting an online party or even if you just want to shop yourself! You can check out my website here!

Do you like Thirty-One bags? What's your favorite one?

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