Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Did I achieve my goals in 2016?

It's time to check in on last year's goals to see what I actually accomplished!

Here are the goals that I set for myself last year followed by how it actually went.

Reach my Goal Weight:

Ummmm yeh. That didn't even come close to happening. I actually reached the highest weight of my entire life. Huge fail!

Foster Relationships:

This went really well for me! I feel like I made some really great friends this year and that makes me happy. :)

Earn My Previous Yearly Income:

I definitely did amazing in this category! I earned over $10,000 by myself and at home. Yay!

Venture Outside of my Comfort Zone:

I did this quite a bit during 2016. I took a cupcake decorating class and met new people. I went to some Direct Sales events. I put myself out there and made friends.

Continue Learning:

I continue to listen to podcasts and read books. I'd like to read more books though!

Take Regular Me Time:

I have done this pretty regularly, thanks to my in-law's for watching Little Miss Sunshine for me. It kind of goes in waves though-- I'll have plenty of time to myself for a while and then have a stretch of time with no me-time and I really see the effects of it. I definitely need that time alone and I've learned when it's time to take that time!

So basically I accomplished every goal except the weight loss one. No big surprise there, unfortunately! It's a battle I can never seem to win! 

But guess what? Accomplishing all of that other stuff shows that I'm pretty awesome anyways, right?! That's what I'll keep telling myself until I believe it!

Next up, setting my goals for 2017!

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