Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My Journey: Where I'm at

I don't want to become obsessive about weight loss, dieting, and eating healthy because of where it has taken me in the past, but I do want to blog about it from time to time. I am learning that I have to be very careful of my thoughts and to keep my focus on the positive.

I'm at a higher weight than I've ever been and higher than I ever thought I'd be. I don't know exactly where I am because I don't weigh myself very much anymore. The scale tends to make me feel depressed or discouraged-- so I stay away.

Shopping for clothes that make me feel good is a way I can practice self-love. I've started to shop almost exclusively at Torrid because their clothes fit perfectly. There are a lot of brands out there that advertise themselves to be made for plus size women, but Torrid is the only place I've found where the clothes are actually made for plus size women. I'm working on loving myself even though I don't like where I'm at-- inside, I'm still me.

My focus is going to be on making healthier choices. Today hasn't been the best day, but I have made at least one good choice today. Yesterday, I chose to eat a delicious salad for lunch! I want to get back to eating salads for lunch again. I really enjoy them when they are flavorful.

Mostly, I just want to feel better again. I want to feel like I have my life together. There's something about exercise that does that to you. It's probably just the simple act of following through with something.

It would also help if I started getting up early in the morning and trying to get a workout in before Little Miss Sunshine wakes up and before my day begins-- just getting it out of the way as soon as possible!

However, I am struggling to sleep lately. I can't seem to turn my mind off to settle down and go to sleep. It has been a long time since I've felt that way. Thankfully, I've learned to read a book on my Kindle instead of tossing and turning and letting my thoughts get out of control.

This cruise coming up in about 5 months will be a great incentive to get started. Plus, the weather is starting to warm up so I can be outside more. The first thing on my list will be to create an ideal "schedule" for the day. I need to get more organized and intentional!

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