Sunday, July 23, 2017

Weighing In!

I went and started a new program and haven't come back to update you on my progress! Life has been busy-- but what else is new, right?

As of this morning, I had lost about 19 lbs. Super happy about that! That's in just over a month. It could probably be more-- but I haven't been perfect on this since the 4th of July when I got a little off track. However, there have been drastic improvements in what I've been eating. Honestly, I don't care if it takes me a little longer to lose the weight-- I don't want to make myself crazy being too strict.

Since being off the blood pressure medication that causes depression, I have felt a lot better! I haven't had any "depressive" episodes. My mood has been pretty level and normal. Not only that, I'm not retaining fluid anymore so my wrists don't ache anymore-- that's such a relief!

I should also note that the dosage of my new blood pressure medication has been decreased to half of what it was initially! That is definitely a positive change!

The biggest improvement has been the reduction of sugar in my diet. Once you get off of sugar, you start to realize that it's like a drug. When you have a little bit it will make you crave it like crazy. I haven't had any "binge" episodes since beginning to eat this way either. I don't think about food constantly. I'm satisfied and sometimes I forget to eat. Yes... I just said that. Crazy!

I still have a very long road ahead, but it feels good to be going in the right direction again!

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