Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Yesterday was Day 1 and it went well! I didn't feel like I was dieting at all, but I did feel in control. It was a success.

Today has been a bit of a struggle! I'm so hungry! So far so good though. I decided to eat some boneless, skinless chicken for a snack since I figure the protein will help-- and it's 0 points with WW Freestyle SmartPoints. 

Perhaps I need to eat a little more fat too so I feel satiated, or cut down on the carbs at breakfast and get back to eating eggs-- which by the way are 0 Freestyle SmartPoints too! I need to boil some eggs to eat as snacks.

Are you following the new FreeStyle SmartPoints system? What do you eat regularly? I'd love some ideas!

Monday, January 1, 2018

A New Beginning

It's New Years Day, so of course you're going to hear from me again! I'm another one of those New Years Resolutioners, but you have to start somewhere or you'll never start. So here I am.

The most significant thing that I did for weight loss was join a medically supervised weight loss program. It was very low carb, no drugs or anything like that, but I found that I could not stick to it. I ended up quitting and they gave me a portion of my money back.

I'm ok with the fact that I quit. I tried something new, found it wasn't for me, and I made a decision to stop and try something else. Granted, I did not try something else after I quit in November-- but it was the holidays and I enjoyed living without obsessing about food. So I'm ok with that too.

As far as weight loss goes, I have learned that I cannot do any diet with restriction-- restriction of a certain food group, too much restriction, or generally trying to force my mind into believing that something is off limits. It's probably a mind thing, but it is the way I am and always have been. Whenever I start restricting, it leads to a massive binge period at some point-- and that's not healthy.

The last year has been a good one for me. Miraculously, I developed either a growth in self-love or maybe a failure-to-care anymore attitude. Either way, I am in a better place mentally.

I no longer look in the mirror and hate myself-- I do avoid mirrors most of the time though, just sayin'. But I don't feel the overwhelming feeling of self-hatred anymore.

Mostly, I am in awe that despite what I have put my body through it continues to be strong, give me life, and my bloodwork is perfect. With my blood work alone, you'd never know I was morbidly obese. And I am so thankful to my body for that. It's incredible.

But it's time to start taking better care of myself, not because I hate myself and want to change, but because I respect what my body is capable of and I love myself enough to want to change. I want to change because I deserve more. I want to change because I don't binge on certain foods because I want to, but because I'm using them as a bandaid. I'm tired of being broken, and I want to rehabilitate.

After some thought, I did join WW online again. I feel like it will give me the guardrails that I need with enough wiggle room to avoid restriction and deprivation. It's a different program from the last time that I did it so I am excited about it.


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