About Me

Who Am I?

My name is Alissa, nice to meet you. :) I am a 20 something woman blogging about my experience on my journey to lose 144 lbs- half of my body weight. I follow the Weight Watchers online program and it works for me! I am learning to be patient with myself through the hills and the valleys of this journey and realizing that this is a lifelong journey. That being said, I try not to worry about how long it takes me to lose the weight, but that I am creating a lifestyle that I will be able to sustain for the rest of my life.

Milestones along the way:

October 2008- I started this journey by signing up for WW online.
December 2008- I started A Journey to Thin by publishing my first post.
March 2009- 1st 25 lbs lost!
March 2010- 50 lbs. lost!
June 8, 2010- I ran 1 mile without stopping for the first time in my life.
July 4th, 2010- I completed my first 5k in 42:21.
September 4th 2010- I ran an entire 5k for the first time.